Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Thank You Adele

It's not a said thing that I'm a fan of Adele's music, it's just that little bit too depressing for me that was of course until I heard 'hello' and almost fell off the chair. What a ballad, but what got me even more was when I saw the video and realised it was DIXON FROM 90210!! Well from that minute my childhood had come back and I couldn't thank Adele enough for bringing Dixon back into my life.
 90210 was one of my all time favourite programmes and okay so Liam was always my number 1 Dixon was close behind and this new grown up version in 'Hello' gives me uncontrollable shivers! What a man.
 It's on that note that the inspiration for this post came about, firstly it's Wednesday, I'm back home in Tipperary, I'm done college until Monday, my throat is badly infected, I'm miserable and Dixon's smile is the only thing making me feel that little bit better!! What, Sunday can be a rough day....
So here we go, here are some images/pics of Dix (sorry I still don't know his real name and he's always gonna be Dixon to me) now if someone could just go make me some nice hot soup, that would be lovely...

Oh dear God, thank you Adele!!! - God bless you, God bless you!!

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