Saturday, 14 November 2015

So Couture Collection *Review

For the majority of teenage girls in Ireland 'So' fragrances are one of the first perfumes they have ever had and just getting a sniff of 'So kiss me' can transport you back to the days of the innocent sixteen year old heading off to the local disco, it's without a doubt my teenage years in a bottle and the minute I heard of the new SO Couture collection I knew I couldn't wait to try them all out.
 I couldn't believe the delight when the lovely people at 'SO' sent me some of the new collection to try out, I got given the perfume of 'Rio' and 'New York' and given the deodorant of 'Paris' and 'London' and let me tell you, I almost cried with delight and I really wasn't disappointed in this collection. 

 Each fragrance has a real distinct sense and I'm personally obsessed with the 'Rio' perfume. This perfume has hints of pineapple, mango and melon and I am obsessed with it and the best part??... It's €5.99.It also comes in body spray which is only €1.99 so if I was to recommend anything to you it's to go try this Rio one, I love it and Christmas is coming up ;) 

My next favourite is which to be totally honest is up there with Rio and actually equal to me is the London fragrance, this has grapefruit, mandarin and apricot but also has a haze of jasmine, rose and violet. Base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and musk just make this fragrance so amazing and like nothing I've ever smelt before. I think if I could only have one perfume for the rest of my life this would be it, I'm in love and cannot wait to go buy another bottle of this gem. 
Once again it's only €5.99 and the body spray is only €1.99 but believe me when I say you're going to get OBSESSED!!!!

What I love about 'SO' is that for us students it's so reasonable priced and has such a young girly scent that you can't help but adore it. There's no perfume out there that smells like So! and I can't get over how amazing this new collection smells. 
 The other two fragrances are the Paris one which scents of plums, roses and patchouli and the NYC one which has scents of lychee's and peaches.
 Every perfume is so distinct that after spending a while smelling them you'll know exactly which one is which and they're so fruity and lovely. I'm truthfully obsessed.
     If I could recommend anything for you to try over November/December it's this new collection, trust me.. treat yourself ;-) 

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