Saturday, 28 November 2015

Christkindl Gift Ideas - Make A Jägerbomb

So Christmas is coming and I guarantee you that you have that one person you got as a Christkindl and you've no idea what to get them? and to make it worse you've a budget of €10 oh and ehm yeah you have to make the gift... well, feck. 
When one of my best friends turned 20 back in August I knew straight away her present would involve a nagan of Jager and I decided to give it a bit of a twist by genuinely making it into a 'Jägerbomb and now that Christmas is almost here I've decided to share this idea with you and give you some gift inspiration and here it is your very own                                         Jägerbomb
To make your own Jägerbomb all you need is a nagan of Jäger, two cans of red bull, two pipe cleaners, black tape and a piece of paper, oh and a pen ..that's it, that's all you need!!
 There really isn't any science behind this you tape the cans onto the Jäger and stick on two pipe cleaners so it looks like a 'bomb' you then draw a little clock on a piece of paper and stick it on and there you have it your very own Jägerbomb...looks pretty impressive doesn't it!! 

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