Friday, 20 November 2015

A Week In Carlow

I'm asked all the time (especially by my mother) 'what did you get up to this week' well, this week in college I decided to have a golden week and document my entire week so you can get an insight into what a 'normal' week is like living and studying in Carlow. Even though it's pretty clear I'll be leaving out the mammoth amount of studying that I do during the week ;-) This week in Carlow has to have been one of the most boring longest week I've ever put down but here you go a basic week in C Low!!

Monday: Monday in college is a fine day, the media students in Carlow IT are so lucky because we don't start class until 11am so I arrive down early on Monday morning. First thing up on a Monday is management, not the most exciting class I'll admit then social psychology and IT. That's it, three classes on a Monday, lucky aren't we?!! My housemates didn't arrive until later on Monday so I went to college with my friend Abigeal, from there it was home to one of my best friends Mai's to find out goss from Sunday night and trust me when I say there was a lot of goss this week!!
From Mai's it was over to Tanya to begin our media project in the library, there's nothing better than catching up with Tanya after a weekend and discussing the weekends antics over a Costa cuppa tea then into class to catch up with the housemates and the girls.
After class we decided the time had come to begin our PR project so we headed up to the glass classroom and began our project and there we stayed until 7pm that night. From there it was home, cook dinner and then into bed... I know, such an exciting day in Carlow.

Tuesday: Tuesday a hurricane hit Carlow and it was terrible, awful weather all together so much so all the electricity in Carlow IT went off. Our first PR class was cancelled at 9am so thank the lord we weren't in until 10am, it was the one day the two housemates weren't going in for media I got up went to head off to college when it was declared our lecturer was out for the day so we weren't in until 3pm so to the library with us!! .. we spend 3/4 of the morning in the library before heading to get breakfast and back for class at 3 o'clock.
After a power shortage cut our IT class short it was time to head home and get ready for what was the longest most boring night of my life. 7pm must have lasted 4 solid hours and we were waiting for Geordie Shore to start at 10, Jennie was on dinner duty so it was pizza and wedges.. UNREAL and from then on the night draggeddddddd..... Mai called in then which resulted in a few drinks and couple of shots and then finally it was 10 o'clock and time for some Gaz!! And that was it, yet another Tuesday night done in Carlow.

Wednesday: Wednesday is student night out here in Carlow and once again all our lectures got cancelled so we just had one class at 9am and that was it. Jennie was heading to Galway and Shannon heading to Arklow so it was going to be a long, lonely day/night so I thought. After our class we headed into town so Annie could get her smiley pierced, so so cool!! From there we came back home and chilled until me and Annie decided to go back into town to do some alcohol shopping, and get something to eat, sometimes cooking just isn't going to happen, we then collected Annie's adorable baby Tommy and then it was home to get myself ready for the night ahead.
 Annie and Tanya came over to pre drink before we headed to Emma's to officially pre drink then it was off into the foundry.. I won't go into detail on that night! But from the foundry it was home with Tanya, breadsticks and nutella and a good night was had.

Thursday: Thursday we had the day off college because it was the IT open day so yet another long, boring day! After Tanya and Annie departed I scoffed some noodles and met up with Mai K to swap the goss from the night before, Mai is one of those girls I couldn't live without in Carlow always there to solve my problems... aw she's the best, but anyway after strolling into the college we did the round of Carraig Abhainn and we went our separate ways.
 It wasn't long after that Jennie came back from Galway and we decided to go call up to Annie's to see how Tommy was doing and have a catch up!
 From there it was back home, D&G's = Wolf Of Wall Street = Perfect Thursday night!!

Friday: FRIDAYYYYY, my favourite day of the week!! Trust me by the time Friday comes the excitement to go home is abnormal but that's after you get through a mammoth day of college. After waking up at ten to 9 and pegging it across the road for class at 9am we were in college until 2pm but after a quick run into town it was back to class, home pack quickly and then hit the road.
 One of me and Jennie's weekly rituals (okay so we've done it twice) is to pick our pip and peak of the week so once that was done it was time to depart and make my way back to Tipperary and that's about as exciting as my week was in Carlow.

Trust me I really wish I could tell you some exciting stories and crazy antics but this really has been one of the most boring, calmest weeks I've put down in Carlow but I hope it's helped you learn what it's like to be a regular student in college, don't worry I'll find an interesting week and inform you on that too ;)

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