Saturday, 3 October 2015

Top 10 Movies To Watch During October

IT'S OFFICIALLY OCTOBER!!!! which means it's almost my favourite day of the year, Halloween. I'm obsessed with Halloween and woke up this morning finding myself counting down the days until I can pull out the decorations and decorate the house. 
Halloween is a time for fun and of course scaring yourself silly, here are my top ten movies that you need to watch during the month of October. 

1. Hocus Pocus:

We can't begin the countdown without starting it with Hocus Pocus. One of my all time favourite movies and an essential watch 5,000 times over October. Incase you live under a rock, Hocus Pocus is a 'spooky' comedy about 'The Sanderson' sisters as they come back from the dead to hunt for all the children of Salem. It'll have you howling with laugher and it's an essential part of Halloween.  You can watch the trailer here: 

2. Ouija:  

I'm a bit weird but last year I developed a slight obsession with ouija boards, and although I would never personally do one when I heard there was a film about it I knew I had to watch it, so I gathered the troops and although we lost two throughout the film (the 'men' I might add) I loved the film and why not be terrified over Halloween??? You can watch the trailer for Ouija here: 

 3.The Adam Family Values:  

I am obsessed with the Adam's family and always have been so it came as a mega shock to me when one of my best friends had never heard of them. Actually, shocked wasn't the word more disgusted!! None the less, this Halloween I'll be forcing her to watch the movie with me. There's absolutely no better way than to get into the Halloween spirit than to relax and have a giggle with the Adam's family. Such an odd family but I love them, you can check out the trailer here: 

4.Halloween Town: 

It's the definition of Halloween and if you don't watch this over the Halloween season then there is something wrong with you. Okay so it won't make you quiver in your boots but Halloween is all about fun and this is nothing but a fun movie (plus you can watch it by yourself and not be terrified) watch the trailer here: 

5. Chernobyl Diaries: 

I've only seen this film once, and that one time was enough for me but trust me if you want a scare then this is the movie for you. It follows a group of friends who go on an extreme holiday to Chernobyl and end up getting trapped there. 
I will be the first to admit I personally almost lost my life watching this movie and if you want the scare then this is a movie for you. If you're feeling brave you can watch the trailer here: 

6. The Strangers: 

The strangers was one of the first horror film I saw that I actually enjoyed and I've seen it at least a good fifteen times at this stage and trust me, it is fantastic!! It's creepy, scary, horrible, and yer man is a babe.. trust me, if you want a decent spook this Halloween then this is the film for you.
It's a story surrounding a couple who get harassed by three murderers in the most awful masks you will ever see, this film will legit have you on the side of your seat. Check out the trailer here: 

7. The Visit :

The Visit is quite a new movie out having just been released this year but trust me, if you want a scare you need to see this movie. I recently went to see this in the cinema and wrote a review which you can read here. The film had me screaming and almost in tears and in tears from laughing it was such a great movie and trust me, you'll never guess what's coming next with it's shocking explosion towards the end.. I won't ruin it for you don't worry but just go watch it ;) 

8. Twitches :

Regardless as to whether it's October or not, one of my all time favourite movie is Twitches, a Disney film but brings me back to my childhood and always puts the biggest smile on my face. It wouldn't be Halloween without twitches and my favourite song from Twitches (Aly and AJ - The Rush) (which is played from October 1st on repeat until November 1st) but this film, which okay won't scare the bejaysus out of you is an October essential,it's the story of twin witches (twitches..get it) who discover they're witches and have to help defeat the darkness in a magic land far away with the help of their guiders..look the more I explain it the more you'll judge me, just Twitches.... it's a must!! Watch the trailer here:  and then of course there's always Twitches 2 ;) 

9. Jessable:

Jessabelle.. Jessabelle..Jessabelle..Jessabelle... where do I begin with Jessabelle? In extra vision one night trying to find a film to watch with the troops when we stumbled upon Jessabelle, none of us had ever heard of it before so we said we might aswell give it a go and sweet holy Mary mother of God was it scary!! I begged the lads to turn it off at one stage and I could never watch it again but you?.. yeah look go for it.
It's Halloween after all ;) Watch the trailer for this... thing, here:   

10. You're Next: 

And finally You're next, I saw this film once with my best friend and I have to say I think it was one of the best horror films I have ever seen, it was fantastic!! Nothing could prepare you for the shocking moments in this movie and although I only saw it once, I remember so much about it and trust me if you REALLY want a scare that badly, then this movie is for you!!
It's similar to the Strangers where it's more a murder and not so much a horror film but scary as hell!! - Check out the trailer here: 

And there you have it ten movies I recommend you watch over the month of October, I mean what would Halloween be without a few jumps and spooks? ;) 

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