Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Carlow Clann

So as most of you know I'm in college in Carlow studying media and PR and since I'm now there over a month I've decided that the time has finally come to introduce you to the PR girls and the whole Carlow fam. When I first moved up there I could never have imagined how much these people would mean to me but four/five weeks on they've come unbelievably important and made it onto the very short list of people I actually like... I joke, I joke!! but in all seriousness, they're great people and I can't wait to introduce you to the gang. 

1. Anzie aka Annie Dempsey:  Annie is without a doubt one of the most interesting, beautiful people I have ever met along with her gorgeous baby boy Tommy. A fellow PR girl, Annie is someone I could listen to forever and I'm so grateful I have her in my life. For as long as I live I'll always remember some of the first words Annie ever said to me that Monday night out in Tully's 'COMPOSE YOURSELF' 'COMPOSE' something I'll take with me to the grave. Not only this but she's also the best cook you'll ever meet, one of the best nights in Carlow was last Tuesday when she brought myself and my two housemates out to her house and cooked us dinner and had the greatest time ever. 
Not only is she an amazing friend, she's a fantastic mammy and an inspiration to me!! Absolutely love Annie Mac!! 

2. Emma Hall: Another member of the PR gurls Emma is without a doubt one of the nicest girls ever and everything she says makes me giggle, not only because she's funny but because of that Gourey accent. Emma and Annie are my partners in media which means we do presentations together so with them two by my side I feel like I can do anything, as well as that I also had her by my side to help me through my tattoo. Emma is one of my fave college people even with her weird words like 'may' and 'quare' ... those Wexford people are as odd. Emma is a true sweetheart and I love spending time with her!! 

3. Aisling Phelan:Aisling, Aisling,Aisling, yet another PR gurl and one of the nicest, friendliest, prettiest people I've met since arriving in Carlow and love to bits!! Born and raised in Carlow Aisling is the handiest person for getting all the goss and tellin us the whereabouts. She's A1 and a serious member of the PR squad. Like Emma though she has those weird ways 'you may tell him that' .. May I Aisling?.. May I?!?!- So weird?!!! Love Ashy P!!
4. Tanya Coogan:My absolute best friend in Carlow, I love this little model so much!! Tanya was one of the first people I met in Carlow IT and from that very minute I've loved Tanya more and more everyday!! From her love of aggressive rap music to wine and prosecco she gets even better when she lipsticks you in the Foundry on nights out.. I know, perfect or what?!! 
 On our first night out in Carlow (well second) Tanya arrived to our house with a bottle of prosecco and from that minute I knew I loved this girl too much, even with her road rage!! 

 5. Darragh Nash and Charlie Mcgarry: The neighbours. Charlie and Darragh were two of the first people we met in Carraig Abhainn and thank flip for our sake we did as they quickly became our best friends and I love them to bits... okay, even Darragh I suppose!! (Don't tell him that) In the first month we lived there these two have made serious impressions on my life even something as simple as bowling with the lads is one of the best parts of college life.. they're the best. 

6. The housemates:Finally saving the best until last Jennie Byrne and Shannon Bartlett (Bart) the two housemates of number 1 and two of the most important people in my life.
 Bart - Shannon is the one who really keeps us on track and is the person everyone wants to be, she cooks her dinner everyday, she studies, she writes out notes and she gyms!! - I know, perfect or what?! but on top of that she's the kindest person ever and even though she's the messiest person on the planet with the best boyfriend on the planet I love this girl to bits!! 
Jennie - And the other one, listen to this, the other morning Jennie came into my room with a cup of tea for me, then when I went to the kitchen she was cooking breakfast for us... I know???- Can you get a better housemate?!! I love Jennie to bits and even when it's just the two of us alone we have nothing but the best fun and that's what true friendship is. The very first person I met in Carlow and from that very day my love for this girl just got stronger and stronger!!
 I know, blessed with my housemates!!

And so you have it, the Carlow family!! 
Of course there's tonnes of others too like Mai, Abby, Erica but this is just the introduction!! I can't help but feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet having made such amazing friends, friends I know for certain that I'll have for the rest of my life.
Oh yes, I love my Carlow family!!

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