Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Best Of Irish Rugby

There's no one in the country of Ireland that doesn't love the Irish rugby team, not only are they the most talented bunch of lads on the planet they're hardworking, determined and the most beautiful men to have ever graced the planet, look don't lie to yourself just give in, nod and agree and if that's not enough they're also a pretty sound bunch of lads..perfect, I know.
 Since the Rugby World Cup (RWC) is in full swing, and trust me I love the RWC I've decided there's no better time to talk you through the best the Irish rugby team has to offer... I know girls, you're welcome ;)

1. Jordi Murphy: 
What can one say about Jordi Murphy except for the fact he's number 1 on the list. He's from Spain, he has the best eyes ever and he's unbelievably sound (I'd know, I've met him in real life ;)) what could be better?!! (He plays for Munster yeah I know) but Jordi Murphy...YES!! 

2. Robbie Henshaw:
Robbie Henshaw, a man dripping in swag and I am in love!! I first saw Robbie at the Irish rugby open training session this August and he was gorgeous!! Definitely up there with the best the squad has to offer, wouldn't you agree??

3. Conor Murray: 
Agh look I'm a sucker when it comes to Conor Murray so it goes without saying he's pride of place on the list. Conor is the reason I fell in love with rugby going way back to the 2010 RWC and is one of my favourite people on the planet I love this man so this Munster hunk is without a doubt (in my opinion) the BEST the Irish rugby team has to offer and I personally don't think there's many out there who would disagree.

4. Dave Foley:
Not only is he a Munster man, he's more importantly a Tipp man and although he's yet to gain his first cap in the RWC Foley is one of the main lookers in the Irish squad and the closest thing Ireland has to Calvin Harris!! 

5. Tommy Bowe: 
It's the obvious one isn't it?! Mr Bowe, the Irish heartthrob. What would the list be without him?? There's not much to say really about Tommy Bowe other than just look at him.... *drools* 

6. Ian Madigan: 
Oh he's a looker alright isn't he's not he's GORGEOUS!!!! UNREAL!!! FANTASTIC!!! He's incredible and up there on the best the squad has to he's unreal isn't he!!!..That hair though..

7. Sean O'Brien
I live in Carlow now so it goes without saying the Tullow hunk is on the list (I wouldn't want to disappoint the Carlow girls now would I) that and of course he is gorgeous!!

8. Craig Gilroy: 
This Ulster man is unbelievable and such a lovely, kind man. I met Craig after a match last year and he couldn't have been nicer so from then on I was in love with him and as time went on nothing changed and for that reason (and his drop dead gorgeous looks) he's on the list of the best things the Irish rugby team has to offer. 

9. Peter O'Mahony: 
Back to Munster now and the manliest man you'll ever meet. There's no man more a man than Peter O'Mahony. When watching a rugby match there's no one so dedicated to a game than POM and the determination and aggression this man puts into a match makes me worship him!! And yeah, yeah.. he's okay on the eyes!!

10. Jamie Heaslip:
And finally Jamie Heaslip!!
I've always had a bit of a thing for Jamie Heaslip, such a man!! Such a man but my obsession developed with him after I met him this August. He was one of the nicest men I'd ever met and even better looking in person...wozers!!! Such a babe!!

So there you have it ten of the best men the Irish rugby squad have to offer... Oh you can't deny we do have the best looking rugby team in the world... blessed, blessed we are!! 

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