Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Jennie Byrne

Miss Jennie Byrne 

It's not often I get to write posts like this and first of all I would like to point out I had no intention of doing it however on the request of my housemate I decided the time has come to dedicate an entire post to her and fill you in on everything that describes her in a few points...
 Basically Jennie Byrne is a twenty year old media and PR student from Dublin who has recently been graced to live with me.. I know, lucky her!!
 So here she is, Jennie Byrne in bullet point form.
  • She snorts.
  • She overuses the word fantastic, everything is 'fantastic'.
  • She sings too much and when I say sings, I mean SCREAMS!!!!
  • She likes mainstream music.
  • She's posh.
  • She's aggressive.
  • She drinks milk from the carton.. sick!! 
  • She introduced me to oranges, and now I am obsessed. 
  • She makes me tea in the morning. 
  • She gives the best cuddles in the world. 
  • She makes the best fry in the world. (Those rashers though). 
  • She comes with me to get tattoos.
  • She held my hand and left me squeeze it when my tattoo got too painful. 
  • She always cheers me up when I'm sad. 
  • She sounds horse all the time.  
  • She monitors my vodka so I don't get too drunk when we're going out.
  • She drives us to Tesco to get drink and buys it when I don't have ID. 
  • She always puts cream on my tattoo, morning, noon and night. 
  • She brings us spinning around the Carlow countryside.
She is genuinely one of a kind and I don't even like her. 

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