Friday, 23 October 2015

Top Three Things To Make This Halloween

Halloween is my favourite day of the year, I love it and every Halloween I go to town on the decorations and treats and this year is no different as I've officially began my Halloween prep. Every year I make a few essentials that look great but are so easy to create, things like popcorn hands, a pumpkin cake and the trusty ghostly buns, three things that take pride of place in my kitchen during the Halloween season and I've decided to share my favourite recipes with you!! 

1. Ghostly Cupcakes - These things are my favourite and they couldn't be easier to make, I mean trust me they are the easiest thing in the world to make and look how impressive looking they are?!  All you need to make these buns is white ready to roll icing, a package of cupcakes (or you can make them yourself) and a package of chocolate chips. You simply remove the paper casing on the cupcake, roll out a piece of ready to roll icing and place on top of the cupcake. Then finish off with two chocolate chips for eyes and you're done - Amazing, I know!!

2. Horredible Hands - These are the most talked about things I have in my house on Halloween and trust me when I say they are IMPRESSIVE!!!
 All you need for these is smarties, or jelly beans, or anything similar, clear plastic gloves and popcorn. I've been making these hands all my life and they're something I'll be making with my children in the future too.
 All you do is pick out 5 smarties (or whatever you're using) in the same colour and place one smartie in each finger of the plastic glove.You then fill up the glove with popcorn and tie them at the top.. it's that easy!! I admit it can be quite time consuming and slightly frustrating trying to get the popcorn into the fingers but it's so worth the struggle, and trick or treaters love them!!!

3. Pumpkin Cake - This is the showstopper!! My pumpkin cake!! And yes okay, this is hard to do but so worth it!!
 To make this cake though you will need a pumpkin shaped tray, I bought mine in Lidl for €3.99 a few years ago and the tin itself isn't very deep so I tend to make a round basic sponge cake and then place the pumpkin one on top...that's the easy part!!
 Then you also need some ready to roll icing in orange, black and green. Roll out the orange so it's large enough to cover the entire cake and make sure it's smoothed out, I'd recommend getting someone else to help with this part too. I use a rolling pin then too ensure it's smooth all over. When it comes to the shape of the pumpkin face I use the tray as an outline and cut the shape of the face out in the black icing. Then finally roll out a piece of green icing for the stalk and you're done and dusted.
A bit of a process I know but look how great it is?!!

And there you have it, three basic things I love to make coming up to Halloween, I hope it's inspired you to get into the kitchen and try a couple of these things, and if you require any more assistance then let me know.

Happy Halloween!!

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