Tuesday, 29 September 2015

TanOrganic - *The Review*

I make no bones about it I am an extremely pale human being, I'm Irish so what do you expect and although I like to embrace the pale skin I much rather having a nice golden tan be it summer, winter or any day of the week I love having darker skin it just makes me feel better and more confident. I am by no means saying you need to be tanned to look good, but for me it helps me feel my best so I try wear it whenever I can.
 Over the years I've tried so many tans from Sally Hansen, Cocoa Brown to Rimmel and most recently the extremely popular TanOrganic which is what I'm going to talk about today and give a full, honest, in detail review.

When I received my bottle of TanOrganic I really couldn't wait to give it a go, it was a cold, wet dirty Monday morning and I was getting ready to head back to college so it really was such a treat getting to brown myself up for the week ahead.
 The bottle itself is really nice and smells amazing!! It reminds me of oranges and I just love the smell. Then the tan itself, you pour it onto the mitt and apply to your skin. The tanning mitt is without a doubt the best mitt I've ever used in my life. It applies the tan so smoothly, I love the mitt, I would recommend the mitt to everyone.

The tan went on extremely smoothly and developed straight away, I was in love with it until the following morning and I noticed how crappy the tan looked on my wrist. The more it dried the less I liked the tan and by Wednesday it looked manky, after showers and everything it just really didn't live up to my expectations whatsoever and I was very disappointed.
 I have to say though the tan itself is amazing on the face and the colour is fantastic. It's the colour you dream of being, not orange but golden it's ideal.
TanOrganic is 100% organic which I love and if only it developed well over the week I would be OBSESSED with this tan as it feels really great on the skin and not caked at all.
Overall I'd give the tan a 3 out of 5 so  be sure to try check out the tan if you can and let me know what you make of it.

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