Sunday, 13 September 2015

College Life: Week 1

Oh. My. Days. - What a week.

Okay, so yeah it wasn't an actual week merely a Tuesday to a Friday but Oh My Days!! -Is it time to go back yet?!
 I have to truly admit I am loving college life, literally everything about it. I love living away from home (I know, shock!!!) I love being in control of my own life, I love getting to know new people and I am IN LOVE with my two housemates Jennie and Shannon.
  But as much as I now love it Tuesday was a completely different story when I was legit dropping out, that was it. Now considering I moved to Carlow on Tuesday this may seem a bit silly but I was gone, no college for me, look I'm out, g'luck Carlow, it was rough..I hated it and there was a 0% chance I'd be staying in this place.
 Four days later and I can't wait to go back...

I arrived in Carlow on Tuesday and it was shocking, my house smelt like a Christmas tree box that had been in the attic for years, my housemates weren't around and the crowds around the college almost gave me a heart attack it's safe to say there were more than a few tears and I was looking up buses to get me home and back up the following morning. Once I realised my housemates weren't coming up until the following morning I realised it was going to be a long, quiet (because I couldn't get the TV to work), cold (because I couldn't get the radiator to work) and of course boring (because my Internet wouldn't work and the signal was shite) so spirits definitely weren't high. It came to the stage where I was giving it one month and if I still felt like this I was gone.

24 hours later....... The story was different, very different, so different in fact I can't even begin to explain how different it is but it's different and I love it, I love it so much!! There's just something about this change that I love.
  My housemate Jennie arrived first and never could I have imagined how well we would get along, hearing her suitcase roll up my heart was in my mouth, oh my god.. what if she's a b*tch? what if she's manky? what if she's...and the key was in the door. Within minutes we were sitting down having a laugh and I knew this was going to be a year to remember.
 My other housemate Shannon arrived later on that morning and from the second I met her I knew I loved her and we would get on so well. We got on so well in fact people thought we knew each other before we started in Carlow. I know, I know... housemate goals!!
Even though they're both from Dublin, which yes means they're from Leinster they're fairly decent and have allowed me to stick up Munster rugby posters and flags... yeah look I know...


The first day of college on the other hand was exactly how I imagined it.. awful. All icebreakers and speed dating which look I'll make no bones about it isn't my cup of tea but anyhow our house is a thirty second walk to the college which is ideal and things couldn't be better. Oh yes, LOVING the college life! 

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