Tuesday, 29 September 2015

TanOrganic - *The Review*

I make no bones about it I am an extremely pale human being, I'm Irish so what do you expect and although I like to embrace the pale skin I much rather having a nice golden tan be it summer, winter or any day of the week I love having darker skin it just makes me feel better and more confident. I am by no means saying you need to be tanned to look good, but for me it helps me feel my best so I try wear it whenever I can.
 Over the years I've tried so many tans from Sally Hansen, Cocoa Brown to Rimmel and most recently the extremely popular TanOrganic which is what I'm going to talk about today and give a full, honest, in detail review.

When I received my bottle of TanOrganic I really couldn't wait to give it a go, it was a cold, wet dirty Monday morning and I was getting ready to head back to college so it really was such a treat getting to brown myself up for the week ahead.
 The bottle itself is really nice and smells amazing!! It reminds me of oranges and I just love the smell. Then the tan itself, you pour it onto the mitt and apply to your skin. The tanning mitt is without a doubt the best mitt I've ever used in my life. It applies the tan so smoothly, I love the mitt, I would recommend the mitt to everyone.

The tan went on extremely smoothly and developed straight away, I was in love with it until the following morning and I noticed how crappy the tan looked on my wrist. The more it dried the less I liked the tan and by Wednesday it looked manky, after showers and everything it just really didn't live up to my expectations whatsoever and I was very disappointed.
 I have to say though the tan itself is amazing on the face and the colour is fantastic. It's the colour you dream of being, not orange but golden it's ideal.
TanOrganic is 100% organic which I love and if only it developed well over the week I would be OBSESSED with this tan as it feels really great on the skin and not caked at all.
Overall I'd give the tan a 3 out of 5 so  be sure to try check out the tan if you can and let me know what you make of it.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Movie Review - 'The Visit'

Going to the cinema with the girls on the weekend has become one of my most favourite things to do and oddly enough watching horror films has also become one of my favourite things to do, I know? WEIRDOOOO!!
The other week I went to the cinema with my friends to go see my first ever horror in the cinema... 'The Visit' and I decided that since it's the weekend I'd give you the low down and my honest review on the film and advise you whether or not to waste money and go see this film.

Although this film is a horror I found parts hilarious and it's all down to the ridiculously talented Ed Oxenbould who plays Tyler and who's only fourteen years of age but my God is he hilarious. Based on him alone I'd recommend you going to see this film.

The story is based around two children Rebecca (Olivia DeJonge) and Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) as they go to visit their grandparents whilst their mother goes on a cruise. The kids have neither met their grandparents so aspiring film maker Becca decides to document the visit as she tries to discover why her grandparents and mother don't talk anymore. Of course the grandparents live in an isolated farmhouse where there warned to never go near the basement, OR leave their room after 9:30. With the hunger getting to Rebecca one night she decides to venture downstairs for a cookie when the weirdness begins and the children notice some 'odd' behaviour amongst their grandparents (especially their grandmother). Rebecca is concerned for her grandmother's well being so asks her grandfather about it but is told she's just unwell which Rebecca accepts however Tyler.. nah that ship don't sink with him as he decides to take matters into his own hands and sets up a camera downstairs to see what their beloved grandmother is really up to.. and my God.
 It's from here on out the story gets interesting and very, very scary. An extremely unexpected plot twist kicks in at the end and the last ten/fifteen minutes will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.
 You can watch the trailer for yourself here: 

So as a recap?
Do I recommend you go and see it? - YES!!!
How many stars would I give it out of 5? - 4!!
Would I see it again? - To be honest, no. Once you see it once and discover the plot twist there really isn't any need to see it again, however I do recommend you go and see it, I promise you it's extremely weird, kinda scary and oh so good!! - Let me know if you do decide to go check it out.

Friday, 25 September 2015

The 11 Stages Of A Hangover

I know a lot of my readers are under eighteen so you better not be able to relate to this post!! HOWEVER, the rest of you adults know what I'm talking about here!! You went on a night out, you had the best night of your life, you danced, you talked to that cute guy, you took jagerbombs (and a sign post up the main street) but now it's the morning after and life isn't so sweet.
 The world feels oh so empty, what have you done? what has life become?!! Since starting college three weeks ago it's safe to say I've had my fair few shares of hangover and here are 11 stages you will experience the morning after the night before.

1. The Rude Awakening: The eyes are open but there's no one at home and it's at that second you realise you're one sick puppy for the day. The room is spinning and the head is hopping..feck, I went out last night didn't I?, feck... I'm sick... FECK, I've class in twenty minutes!!!!

2. Denial: Pha... wait I was wrong, no it's not the morning, no I didn't go out last night, no I feel great, nahh this is just a big misunderstanding, I didn't go out..

3. Rise And Shine: This stage usually comes a few minutes after the denial stage when you realise you're actually currently in the denial stage, sitting up slowly and checking that you still have two arms, two legs, two ears and a nose..dignity??? -yep, that's almost guaranteed to be missing.

4. Water: Water... Water...Water... I need water. At this stage you may or may not have the shakes and the only thing that's going to help is the water. Whether you sip or down the water like last nights vodka it's the one essential part of the morning after.

5. The Vomit/Nostalgic stage: The worst,most disgusting stage, but as a plus it's kind of like re tracking your night.....what was I drinking last night and why was it yellow?!! Oh... there's that slice of pizza...VOM!!

6. The Chicken Fillet Roll: I need the chicken fillet, NEED it!! Ask anyone, the cure of a hangover is a chicken fillet roll and it's the fourth stage of the hangover.

7. The Fear: You pick up the phone... within thirty seconds the phone is throwing against the wall and tears start to flow... WHY!!! WHYYY!! WHHYYY!! - Then of course there's the friends updates, 'OMG do you remember ....' No I don't remember that so please shut your mouth before I cry again!!
 8. The Shower: The best, most essential stage of a hangover. Washing away the sins of last night always help and trust me, there's no better feeling after a night out.

9. The Flashbacks: NOOOOOOOO!!! NOOOOOO!! NOOOO!! Dear God Help Me NOOOOO!!!

10. The Apologies: There's always someone who you owe an apology too. Be it your friends who you call at 3am or your neighbours who you woke up at crazy o'clock there's always someone!!

11. The Regrets And False Promises: 'I am never drinking again' ..does this need an explanation??

And there you have it.. your eleven stages you're guaranteed to witness after a wild night out. Nothing beats a good night out with your friends but please remember to drink alcohol responsibly, and if you liked this post why not check out these girls you're GUARANTEED to meet on a night out ;)  

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Weird Things That Really P*ss Me Off

There's not much in life that can really bug me well, except for the obvious things, wasps, hangovers, ketchup, maths, men in general but as calm and lovely as I am there are a few weird things that can really get on my last nerves. A couple which my housemates have brought out in me the past couple of days, but we all have our weird things that not everyone else can understand why, here are a few of mine:

1. A messy trolley: If there's one thing on this earth that I hate it's a messy trolley when I'm doing the shopping.
 A messy basket I can cope with but a whole trolley of mess.. drives me up the wall. I feel as though when doing the shopping there's a place for everything and everything should be in it's place, there's no sense in putting your bread at the end of the trolley with washing powder on the top now is there??.. Jesus, drives me insane!!!!

2. Yoghurt on the handle of a  spoon: Now this, Jesus this repulses me!! If there's one thing in this entire world that drives me to the edge of insanity it's a spoon covered in yoghurt!! EUUUGGGHH!!!!!! There's nothing worse than when you're eating a yoghurt and it goes up the handle and you're forced to touch the substance!! EW No Thank You it's vile!!!!
 Bleugh!! Gives me the heebie jeebies!!

3. Shannon and Jennie: My two housemates... What can I say? they're from Dublin.
4. Juice in a tin of beans:Look, I love beans on toast, as a student it's a staple meal but what is with the amount of juice (sorry, 'sauce') that comes in a tin of beans!! How can you mash them all up when they're slipping and sliding all around the place it's disgusting! What's even worse is the fact my house doesn't have a strainer so I'm forced to use a potato masher to drain my beans... life is a struggle!!

5. Eggs!!: Look, maybe I phrased that wrong It's not the egg I don't like it's the yellow part?! I've no problem with it inside the egg shell but the minute it's released into the world and it runs all over the place... BLEUGH!!!!! NO!! Don't do it, just ban eggs forever, just get rid of them!!
 Watching as people cut into an egg releasing the thick yellow goo all over their plates... VOMIT!!!!!

6. No Foot towel: One word, JENNIE!!!! - Look, I don't understand how someone in their right mind would have the audacity to take a shower, then get out with their wet hoofs and soak the bathroom ground?! I know, can you believe that?!!!- I genuinely don't know what kind of animals I live with but it's daily life here in Carlow!!

7. Matteo: Okay, he's adorable, such a cutie and he's hilarious... if it was another name!! I cannot explain to you the amount of times people come up to me shouting 'Linda honey, listen' yes seven year old Matteo saying it is adorable but YOU!!! - No it's not adorable, it's extremely irritating and you need to stop that!!

And there you have it seven things that really odd things that really get on my last nerves!! So seriously cop on and don't do them!!

Monday, 14 September 2015

My Obsession With The Moon ✌

'If the moon's up, I'm up' 

      - Lynda Hennebry. 

Everyone has an obsession with something. An obsession they're born with or an obsession with something they discovered as years passed. Some people are obsessed with dogs, people, nutella others with alcohol, gambling, drugs but for me my obsession grows each and every night and has been with me all my life and that is my love for the moon.

There isn't one reason why I love the moon all I really know is that for as long as I remember I've always had a fascination with the stars/space in general but the one thing that always got me was the moon.
 I mean firstly I think anyone who says they aren't fascinated by the moon are liars but for me it goes way back to when I was a child in the back of my parents car, travelling at night was always the best because the moon would be out tailing the car and no matter what way you'd turned the moon wouldn't stray very far behind. It didn't matter where you were or where you were going I always thought the moon was following my car and as I grew up I never lost that thought, I may have changed it slightly but I never lost it. I forever feel as though no matter what happens in life the moon is watching over me if I'm in Carlow, Tipperary, Spain or Canada that same moon would come out without fail every night and light up the night and I personally think it's the most magical thing we have to cling onto in this world.

No one owns the moon which is yet another reason why I love it so much, Kim Kardashian can't wake up one morning and decide she wants to buy this planet, I mean maybe she can I'm no expert on moon sales but as far as I know it's not for sale and that's the greatest thing about the moon.
 It's a mystery to us all, at night Kim Kardashian looks at that moon, the same moon I look at every night the same moon Justin Bieber looks at the same moon my uncle in Canada looks at, there's no escaping the moon which is equally terrifying and beautiful.
 This is something my grandchildren will look at, my great grandchildren, my great great great grandchildren, Hitler looked at it, I look at it even my deceased father looked at this. It's as though every time you look at the moon you realise you're never alone and makes you realise that life isn't going to last forever and to make the most of it while you have it.. okay, so it makes me feel like that.

To me the moon signifies mystery and the unknown, yes so it's been explored but by very few people, it's not something every Tom, Dick and Harry has the opportunity to do and for 99.9% of us reading we will never experience what the moon has to offer.
When you look at the moon you can be anyone, you can be anywhere you can be that eight year old looking out the back window or a car, a twenty year old student or a distraught loppy seventeen year old when you glance up at that moon you can flash through your decades and decide what person you will be at that moment, it reminds you of what you once were, what you are now and what you hope to be and for me, there's nothing more magical or precious to a person.

I know what you're thinking, this girl has lost the plot, she's a loop!! but my love for the moon is one of the most passionate, loyal things in my life and now you know why.
The reason I wrote this post is to explain to you my love for the moon and to partially explain it to my friends. I get quite a lot of stick for loving the moon, especially since I recently declared that I'll soon be getting a tattoo of the moon so to anyone who doesn't understand why people are obsessed with the moon I hope this has helped you understand why and perhaps allow you to see the magic in the moon.x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

College Life: Week 1

Oh. My. Days. - What a week.

Okay, so yeah it wasn't an actual week merely a Tuesday to a Friday but Oh My Days!! -Is it time to go back yet?!
 I have to truly admit I am loving college life, literally everything about it. I love living away from home (I know, shock!!!) I love being in control of my own life, I love getting to know new people and I am IN LOVE with my two housemates Jennie and Shannon.
  But as much as I now love it Tuesday was a completely different story when I was legit dropping out, that was it. Now considering I moved to Carlow on Tuesday this may seem a bit silly but I was gone, no college for me, look I'm out, g'luck Carlow, it was rough..I hated it and there was a 0% chance I'd be staying in this place.
 Four days later and I can't wait to go back...

I arrived in Carlow on Tuesday and it was shocking, my house smelt like a Christmas tree box that had been in the attic for years, my housemates weren't around and the crowds around the college almost gave me a heart attack it's safe to say there were more than a few tears and I was looking up buses to get me home and back up the following morning. Once I realised my housemates weren't coming up until the following morning I realised it was going to be a long, quiet (because I couldn't get the TV to work), cold (because I couldn't get the radiator to work) and of course boring (because my Internet wouldn't work and the signal was shite) so spirits definitely weren't high. It came to the stage where I was giving it one month and if I still felt like this I was gone.

24 hours later....... The story was different, very different, so different in fact I can't even begin to explain how different it is but it's different and I love it, I love it so much!! There's just something about this change that I love.
  My housemate Jennie arrived first and never could I have imagined how well we would get along, hearing her suitcase roll up my heart was in my mouth, oh my god.. what if she's a b*tch? what if she's manky? what if she's...and the key was in the door. Within minutes we were sitting down having a laugh and I knew this was going to be a year to remember.
 My other housemate Shannon arrived later on that morning and from the second I met her I knew I loved her and we would get on so well. We got on so well in fact people thought we knew each other before we started in Carlow. I know, I know... housemate goals!!
Even though they're both from Dublin, which yes means they're from Leinster they're fairly decent and have allowed me to stick up Munster rugby posters and flags... yeah look I know...


The first day of college on the other hand was exactly how I imagined it.. awful. All icebreakers and speed dating which look I'll make no bones about it isn't my cup of tea but anyhow our house is a thirty second walk to the college which is ideal and things couldn't be better. Oh yes, LOVING the college life! 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Truth Behind Hocus Pocus 2

‘The witch is back,and now there’s hell to pay’

SISTAHS! In 1993 something very special happened to our screens and that was the production of the classic film Hocus Pocus! Almost 22 years later it’s still one of my all time favourite films which is why I jumped with joy when I heard they were in the process of making a sequel to the movie. Could it be? could Disney be making my dreams come true? I couldn’t deal with not knowing so I went about doing research to find out if this was really going to happen, I mean it has too…

So here’s the full, truthful story, during the year Bette Midler (who plays the lead witch Winnie Sanderson) was asked if she would be interested in making a sequel to the extremely successful film and guess what, SHE’S IN… however, Disney… not so much!!
‘’You have to go send in your cards to the Walt Disney Company. The ball is in their court’
However Midler did go onto say that herself, and the rest of the cast do agree to make the movie… and from what I can make of it, it seems like she really wants this to happen.
‘’Inundate the Disney company, because I have canvassed the girls and they are willing to do it, but we have no say in it, so if you want a ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ then ask the Walt Disney Company.’
So from here it seemed like my dreams had been crushed, the Sanderson sisters were in but Disney were not, but then my search deepened when I discovered Tina Fey was on board.. I know, I know this just gets better and better.
Tina picked up on Bette’s comments and decided she would produce a remake of the film. This was it, it was happening, I was about to scream with delight when I realised it was a rumour and Fey wasn't on board.
Yep, you heard me she’s not on board with the sequel so as it stands there’s no plan for a ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ - I know, sorry to break your heart but, get your pens out we’re writing to Disney!!  

Monday, 7 September 2015

Voting is now OPEN!!!!

Hey everyone!!
As some of you know Little Piece Of Lynda has been shortlisted for best youth blog in the country and I could really do with your help!!
This year the winner of the awards will be decided with the help of the public and if you enjoy reading LPL then I beg you to come and vote for me, it would mean so much if you could give a minute of your time and give me a vote.
 Voting opens today and lasts for two weeks, you can vote here:
 It means so much for me to even be in this category, there's no denying the talent of the youth blogs out there but to be a finalist in this category would be a dream come true.
 I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my rambles, and of course to the amazing people who will read this and give me a vote. Thank you all so much.
Lynda Xx

You Can Take The Girl Out Of Tipperary, But You Can't Take The Tipperary Out Of The Girl

So the time has come, and tomorrow is the day I'll be finally leaving my small town in south Tipperary and heading for a slightly bigger town called Carlow.
Carlow is the town where I'll spend the next three years of my life studying media and PR and although I can't wait to pack up and head on my new adventure the thoughts of leaving the premier county really do break my heart.
To top if off, not only am I leaving Tipperary I'm also leaving Munster... LEAVING MUNSTER, I know!! What am I even doing with my life, and as for Carlow, it's known as 'The heart of south Leinster' now if that doesn't break my heart I don't know what will.... I almost feel like I'm betraying Conor Murray but look, I'll survive... maybe!!! (with my Munster flag hanging proud)

Growing up in a small town isn't always ideal, I mean it's not as if you can head off to the cinema when you're bored or stroll around Penney's or New Look on a Saturday morning but there's so much about living in a small town that I love and will miss everyday for the next three years.
Even thinking about not seeing Slievenamon everyday is upsetting me but it got me thinking what else am I going to miss?
So on that note here are the top 11 things I'm going to miss about my little town/Tipperary/ living in Munster. How do people cope not living in Munster??? - It's just weird!?

1. My Dogs - 
My two babies Molly and Mursher. Anyone that knows me knows my obsession with my dogs especially my baby Mursher. Leaving my two doggies behind is breaking my heart and God knows what I'll do without my early morning Mursher cuddles. To be totally honest with you leaving Mursher behind is one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever had to do .. do I really need to leave her?!! Wahhhhh *cries hysterically* 

2. Piggy Weileans - 'Going up Farmer Weileans' has always been one of my favourite places to go and also happens to be one of my all time favourite places in all the land and even though I'll be home every weekend I'll miss my late night strolls up that hill.
 Obviously if you're not from the small town of Carrick On Suir you'll have no idea what in God's name I'm on about but Piggy Weileans, is the farm which is up the hill and upon that hill there stands a gate. At this gate you have the opportunity to look down and see the whole entire town and look, don't even ask why it's just my favourite place on the whole planet.
 I've had hysterical laughs at this gate, tears at this gate, deep conversations at this gate, a heart attack at this gate when I thought Molly was stuck underneath basically a lot happened at this gate and coming up, nice music, looking at the town.. life couldn't be better.
(Paddy, myself and Carrie demonstrate our happiness <--) 

3. Slievenamon - No matter where I am in the country there's no better feeling than when you get close to Tipperary and you see the Slievenamon mountains and immediately know you're home, it's one of my favourite views and can be seen very clear from the town. Not only do the mountains look gorgeous but they're also a weather teller... if the mountain is clear, the weather is looking good for the day, if it's gone, the weather is going to be bad, it's just the way it is.. and now someone please tell me what I'm supposed to do in Carlow to find out the weather?!! Will I just look out the window and that's that?? -How sad.

4. My Mammy - 
It goes without saying I'm going to miss my mammy a ridiculous amount, I mean who's going to do my washing? make my dinner? and pick up the towels when I leave them out after a shower???? 
 It's crazy how much you rely on your parents and now that she's gathering up bits and bobs for me it makes me realise how much I adore her and how I'll be so lost without her.
 #SomeonePleaseBeMyCarlowMammy #NoOffenceRealMammy 

5. Dylan - Eugh Dylan, my older cousin. The one who thinks he's better than everyone and is the biggest pain but is like my older, unwanted, less talented cousin who sorts all my problems for me and annoys me on a daily basis..eugh, who's going to sort my problems for me now??!!

6. Carrick Beg- Carrick Beg is a place I could dedicate an entire post too and I more than likely will do in the future but Carrick Beg is the area I grew up in in Carrick and it's the most amazing place on the planet, even though not many others would see it that way. I adore the place and with the promotion I do on the Beg I should be without a doubt the Queen of the Beg. 
'The Beg' is the place is where the majority of my best friends live, where the majority of my memories are, where Farmer Weileans is, where I spend 96% of my time strolling around, where the woods are, where seskin hill is basically Carrick Beg is the place to be and I can't imagine not being in the Beg everyday.

7. My Friends- 99% of my friends live in Carrick so leaving my friends will break my heart, with my best friends split between Cork, Limerick and Waterford it'll be tough not having them here day in and day out. 
 The last few months taught me a lot about friendship, and what friendship means to me compared to other people and although leaving the town and some people behind is a great thing for me it does break my heart to have to leave some of the most amazing people behind *pass the tissue* 
I've personally learned so much about pushing people too far and hurting friends whilst also being hurt by friends and realising what real friendship is and what wasn't. All part of growing up, but there's no physical way I can deny the fact Carrick holds some of the greatest people you will ever meet.

8. The view from my bedroom/ my home in general: I'll be the first to admit I love my house to bits but the view from my bedroom isn't much to look at for a normal person, but for me... WOW!!!
I am obsessed with the view from my bedroom, with a field a stone throw away I get to look at the horse and a foal prancing around. I can see the woods to my right and I'm obsessed. Something about my room which I love is my curtains, which are completely see through which means I can see the moon shining through at night, there's nothing more perfect, there really isn't.
 Aswell as that my house is usually the gathering spot for myself and my friends and I personally love my house so it's definitely something I'm going to miss.

9. The Soaps: I'm not being funny like but what do I do about the soaps?? first of all I don't know if we have those channels on our TV but what about my housemates?? What if they don't like the soaps and won't let me watch them?? WHAT DO I DO?!!

10. My Old Life: There's no denying that when I arrive in Carlow everything is going to change, I have to become a mature, responsible adult and as a wise boy once told me things are about to change and life is going on, nothing will ever be the same again and oh yes, you guessed it..I'm not to crazy about change but there's no denying I'll never be the same person I am again today.

11. Munster and Conor Murray: And finally we've reached the end of this post and it's the very last thing that I can't accept about moving and that is the fact I no longer live in Munster.
 Born and bread a Munster woman I'm now hitting South Leinster... I know, repulsive!!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Beauty Review - Battle Of The Moisturisers

Vaseline Vs Aveeno 

With winter quickly approaching I can almost feel my skin getting drier and drier so investing in a good, strong moisturiser is so important. During the winter my skin gets very dry especially on my hands so moisturiser is very important to me and something I've put a lot of effort into researching and finding the right one.

One of the best things I've ever discovered in my life is Aveeno moisturiser, it is my God sent. Every morning, every night, every time I come out of the shower it's the first thing I reach for. I fell in love with Aveeno after I got sent a coin size sample and the very same day I went and bought a full size bottle. It's extremely thick and it's the most moisturising lotion that you could ever put on your skin, I use it all over on my face, arms, legs everywhere and it's amazing. 
 When it comes to a moisturiser I would normally never pass Aveeno but when I saw Vaseline brought out a quick spray and go moisturiser I was so excited to try it out. 

I bought the little spray Vaseline and tried it out straight away and I can't lie and say I was overwhelmed about the spray at all however at the same time I do really like it. It's a very light spray so I don't feel like it moisturises the skin very well at all but if you're like me and always in a rush it's A1. Especially when you're just out of the shower and want to quickly moisturise then this is the thing for you.

So after my months searching for the perfect moisturiser I've found it and I can't recommend it enough, if you want a light delicate, amazing smelling spray for after the shower choose the Vaseline, but then..that night!! you need to go and buy Aveeno, trust me you won't regret it!!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Experience With Mini Golf (And Losing To Carrie)

I've only ever played mini golf once before in my life and that was in Spain as a nine year old so to play a proper round of mini golf was on my bucket list and as of Monday, September 1st that was something I crossed off my list, and I have to say it was one of my summer highlights (the lowest point of my summer was however being beat by my friend Carrie, but you know, whatever.. I was cheated, yep..blah blah)
 Anyway with a spontaneous night to Tramore (the place t'be in the South East, which if you're not familiar with is a small beach town in Co.Waterford) myself and my friends Annmarie, Carrie and our newest recruit Crellin decided to go against each other and play 'a round' of mini golf.
It's at this point I feel like I should inform you that I'm not the best person to be around when I loose, it's not that I'm a sore loser or anything it's just when my so called 'friends' try to add on extra numbers to my scorecard I can get slightly thick but you know, life goes on.

My 'losing streak' aka my friends cheating streak began when we headed into the arcades to have a play on the slot machines, I've always tried to stay away from any kind of addictive gambling games as, you know because of who I am as a person (also, Las Vegas... for my own good, I'll never be there. So never invite me, because I'm weak, and will go... and Vegas...Vegas would destroy me) anyway, after playing on these machines for a good twenty minutes I realized enough was enough and I walked away. This may also be because my purse was empty at this stage but still, I removed myself from the situation when my friend Roisin found the air hockey game.
 This was my game!! - I grew up playing this game in Spain all my life, I didn't want to come across cocky but I had Roisin down and I couldn't wait to beat her. Long story short, she cheated and that's all I have to say about that situation. She, as a matter of fact cheated on the three games of air hockey that we played. To make matters worse on arrival home I stumbled across Roisin's snapchat story where I found this... safe to say I wasn't impressed ---->

From there we came across the crazy golf course and straight away we were on board for a round of golf. I've played golf loads of times, my best friend is practically a pro golfer so I've spent many evenings pucking a ball into ditches (when it gets off the ground of course) so golf for me was nothing new, I could do this and mini golf..piece of cake. Okay so I wasn't going to beat Annmarie, and Crellin was 50/50 but Carrie..surely I could beat Carrie!!
Bring It On...

A game of mini golf is so reasonable at just 3 per person and I would definitely recommend it. For a group of friends looking to have a bit of a laugh or a family looking for fun it's definitely a great place to go, however the course is quite small so you're in and out in half an hour.
 Anyway, long story short I don't want to talk about it...
Now it's at this point I should assure you that I absolutely didn't under any circumstances lose the game of crazy golf, there is no possible way but with a score of '58' (which yes, you guessed they made up) my score was slightly higher than the rest so I came in last.. and when I say last I mean behind Carrie, as in she bet me, as in I'm not impressed...And on that note I'm going to end this blog post about my first experience with mini golf before I remember how much of a cheating shower of friends I have.
I recommend everyone to come play a round of mini golf in Tramore!!
Highlight of my summer: Playing mini golf.
Low point of my summer: Losing to Carrie.