Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Irish Rugby Team Training

There's no bones about it, one of the worst things about summer is the lack of rugby, and sun but we'll get to that another day. I love rugby (yes, especially Munster rugby) but for two long summer months there is NO RUGBY. Obviously throughout these months I get my rugby hit by watching clips on Youtube (and doing a fair bit of creeping on rugby players) but usually I don't get any rugby experiences until August when Munster do their annual 'Munster Race'. Well, this summer was different as I got to watch the IRISH rugby team train ..... in the flesh!!!

From reading my blog you'll by now know my infatuation with Munster rugby player Conor Murray, and if you don't ... I LOVE HIM!!
But on this occasion, Murray was on the back burner and it was all about Mr Tommy Bowe.
 It's been on my bucket list for years to meet Mr Bowe, I mean who doesn't love Tommy Bowe? and today was the day I was finally after numerous attempts going to meet Tommy Bowe...well, long story short.. I didn't...but you know what, that's okay because I met the other love of my life..AKA, Jordi Murphy!!
He's alright isn't he...
I travelled down to Cork on Tuesday afternoon with my two friends before heading for dinner with the girls, and let me tell you this, being slightly tipsy in a Chinese restaurant is definitely not something I would recommend for any of my readers.. look, don't ask just trust me.
 Anyway onto the important stuff, the training. The IRFU held this free open Ireland training session so the fans could see how professional rugby players train, I've seen Munster train so many times I can't count but to see how the Irish rugby team trained really was so interesting. The players really seemed to have a laugh with the whole thing which was great to see, such a passion amongst the team.
We headed out to 'Irish Independent Park' aka, Musgrave Park for half nine being some of the first people into the stadium and getting front row seats, it was raining, boiling hot and perishing cold all in the same hour but it didn't bring down the atmosphere.
After watching the training for an hour and a half the supporters were allowed up to the barriers to get an autograph or a selfie with the players. Obviously as there was so many people there you're not guaranteed to meet all the players, really you're lucky if you get one of the players but my main mission was to meet Jordi Murphy, Jamie Heaslip, Ian Madigan and of course Tommy Bowe.
As we were in the front row we ran got to the front barriers and within minutes Tommy Bowe was coming our way, I couldn't believe it. There was no way I thought we'd be so lucky to meet Bowe, I mean what were the chances in meeting him out of everyone but no, here he was arm length away so close I could see the wrinkles where he smiles he was right beside us and then boom... he walked the other way, well I never. 
I truthfully almost fell down with the weakness and then he was gone.... GONE.
 After just dealing with the horror that Tommy was gone off the pitch along came one of my all time favourite rugby players, Mr Dave Foley. Dave is one of the nicest men I've ever met and being from twenty minutes up the road from me just makes me love him even more. So meeting Dave was definitely a highlight of the day for me.
In not the best with big crowds so after I met Dave I left to wait for the girls, after waiting outside the commotion for a while we randomly met into Jordi Murphy and Jamie Heaslip and life couldn't get better. Two out of four wasn't bad and Jordi Murphy is God, then suddenly as we're outside waiting to be collected when Tommy Bowe pulls out and stopped right beside us, with the window down!!!. Well, talk about a freak out as he says 'thanks guys see ye later' I KNOW!!! Life was made. 
 So although we didn't actually get any pics with Tommy Bowe, we did interact... I know, I know, A1!!!!

Looking back on the whole day I obviously enjoyed myself terribly and had such a good day but I don't think it was organised as well as it could have been and had much more potential but what an unreal experience it was to get to see these men in the flesh and watch how they train during the week. Overall ... top class day!! 

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