Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My College Experience Finally Begins

I'm Moving To Carlow!!

Hey everyone I'm so excited to be telling you that in a few weeks I'll be moving to Carlow to study media and PR in IT Carlow.
 If you read my blog then it's been pretty obvious how much it was my dream to study in the University of Limerick and just to be in Limerick in general but when I got offered media and PR in Carlow I knew straight away that this was the course for me.. I can't explain why, it just felt right. 
 I travelled Carlow yesterday to meet my new landlord and see my accommodation before I booked anything. I'd never even been to Carlow before yesterday but from what I noticed driving through the town was it's very cute and although it's not a big city which I always dreamed of, it makes me feel very at home.
 Anyway pulling up to what could have been my new home wasn't as great as I thought, the area in which the house was didn't feel very safe and in general I wasn't impressed. I got even less impressed when I saw the interior of the house... it really wasn't for me at all. It was down to sheer luck that when I was in Carlow we got a phone call from the landlady from Carraig Abhainn offering me a place in one of the houses. 
I went to see the apartments and knew straight away that this was where I'd be spending my next year, I fell in love!!

As much as I love my new home the idea of Carlow still hasn't' sunk fully in for me, and I went through a stage where I really didn't think if I could go through with it or not. Deep down I couldn't accept the fact I wouldn't be going to Limerick so I started looking into PLC's which could eventually get me into UL. After stressing myself out for the good part of 24 hours I came to my senses and realised that the Carlow adventure was an adventure I'm willing to take and in September I'll be moving there for good, and I can't wait.  (Okay, unless I get UL in round 2.. then I'm gone.) 

I can't wait to keep you up to date on my next adventure :)

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