Friday, 14 August 2015

Leaving Cert Results 2015

The Leaving Cert Results Are In .. 

On Wednesday August 12th something happened to students across the country and that was either A) Causing them to have a break down and give up any hope for college, their dream course, a successful job, a happy life, oooohh God pass the vodka but they can also cause type B) this type causes students to have the best feeling that they can ever feel in all their lives and I'm now delighted to say I've finally experienced both of these feelings and two days on from results I'm still on a serious high.
 If you've read my blog you'll know that this time last year I was in an awful state, I had just completed my leaving cert and was disgusted with my results, it became very obvious to me from the minute I opened that envelope in 2014 that I wasn't going to college as I was forced to repeat the leaving cert. 
This was the worst thing that had ever happened to me at that time, I was never fond of school and the thought of going back to school made me physically sick to my stomach. 
After completing my leaving cert I had three choices, 1. repeat the leaving cert, 2. study marketing (which I had no interest in) or 3. forget college and get a job.
 At the time I had my heart set on journalism and media in Limerick and there was nothing that could stop me from getting that course so I had no choice and decided to bite the bullet and go back to school. 
I had determination, ambition and you guessed it, enough of education so I dropped out of school three weeks later, I hated every minute. It was the whole aspect of being back into the school that I thought I'd never see again, missing all my friends, seeing them having the time of their lives, being a year older than everyone else but the thing that topped me over the edge was having to get my diary signed every week from my mother. 
 At nineteen having to get your parent to sign your homework diary was nothing but sheer embarrassment and that was it, I was done... nothing was worth this. 

As much as I didn't want to do the leaving cert again I knew I had no choice but too so I decided to continue repeating but from home and study as an external student. I really only needed a C3 in a HL subject and I could get the course I loved so I decided to repeat English, accounting, economics and business... just to be sure!!
As time progressed I realised this would be the worst, hardest year of my life and looking back you know what, it really really was. I can't throw any shade on it but it was tough, not only was I dealing with losing all my friends as they went to college, I spent so much time alone that it was driving me insane but although I hated almost every second I can't begin to explain how much this year has benefited me.. both socially and personally. 
 After time I realised I didn't really want to study journalism in UL and with everything going on I decided to just repeat business, get my C3 and do another course. That was fine until two days before when I realised I was still signed up to repeat English.
 I didn't know what plays they studied, what text they had done and don't get me started on Shakespeare or poetry, I was clueless, I had given up on English and I was just going to show up. I had asked a friend about what texts she studied and the morning of the English exam I got up three hours before the exam and crammed everything I could about everything. I crammed, crammed, crammed.. I watched the summary of Othello, I read three poems by two poets, I was screwed but I went in anyway and wrote down everything I could possibly remember from my three hour cram session.
 When it came to the business exam I knew I was in trouble, I had been going to business grinds twice a week for hours upon hours but the night before the exam I came down with an awful dose of the flu and messed up the whole exam. After taking drowsy tablets, almost falling asleep, and messing up an hour there was no way I passed and there was no way I'd be going to college again this year.
Tuesday, the day before results were out was one of the worst days of my life, I had never freaked out so much in all my life, I could be sitting down watching TV and burst into tears, doing the shopping in Lidl and tears appear in my eyes, I was so nervous more nervous than anything I had ever been in my life but when Wednesday morning finally came I was the happiest girl on the planet when I actually got my C3 in English. How I scraped it I'll never know but I did and I can now go to college. Just the waiting game from CAO now to see where my future takes me and I can't wait :)
Of course Wednesday night was time to celebrate as myself and two friends followed the herds of people to Waterford city. I'd never been out in Waterford before so I didn't know what to expect but I can truthfully hand on my heart say I had one of the best nights of my life!! Memories I have from that night will no doubt come back to haunt me for the next 60 years of my life, mistakes that I made that others don't remember (Thank God)  but most importantly having my friends by my side to celebrate one of the happiest days I've ever had and it meant so much to have them with me.
When I think about how I felt this time last year the difference is incredible and although I know there's going to be people reading this who are heartbroken and devastated about their results all I can say is don't let a piece of paper get you down because everything that happens happens for a reason and there are always options, and if like me, you have to repeat and it's the worst thing in the world, then relax because it's nine months of your life and those nine months will be priceless to you. 
 So on that note I hope all my readers got what they were hoping for and that CAO goes their way, but especially to all my friends who got results and my classmates who got them.. Enjoy whatever the future holds <3

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