Sunday, 16 August 2015

19 Things In 19 Years

On Friday something bad is happening to me, I'm turning twenty years old...I know, twenty!!! How can I possibly turn twenty when I'm the height of a twelve year old, have the mental capacity of a nine year old and possess the attention span of a fish.. I mean, why can't I turn eighteen again? I was happy as an eighteen year old, I was content as an eighteen year old, now I'm all old and almost twenty and I swear I found a grey hair the other day, like this just isn't okay.. I'm even considering thinking about my pension, Oh my, I can't believe I just admitted to that... 
Long story short I'm not taking this coming of age thing very well at all, from talking to my mam she's informed me I've always been the same, all my life, the thought of growing up and getting old just doesn't appeal to me, so if time would stop moving that would be great thank you very much!!
Anyway, it came to my attention the other night that in my nineteen (almost twenty) years on this planet I've learned and experienced a lot, to be fair I've probably experienced a lot more than your average nineteen (almost twenty year old) but it's made me who I am today which is where the inspiration for this post came from. Here are nineteen things I've learned in my nineteen (almost twenty) years on earth.

1. Don't over pluck your eyebrows - I wish I knew this as a bushy browed twelve year old. Thick eyebrows will always be in and trust me, those suckers are hard to grow.

2. Girls - Girls can be nasty, I mean N.A.S.T.Y something I've learned is people love seeing others do well, just not as good as them and girls are a huge culprit of this, not to mention pretending to care when really all they want is the story, don't trust everyone... trust me, not everyone!! 
That being said girls can be lovely, especially drunk ones in the bathroom on nights out :) 

3. Family - Your close family should mean everything to you, I'd be lost without my mammy!! I mean, who wouldn't be to be fair???

5. Mammy knows best - Eugh, hate admitting this but it's true 'put on a jacket you'll freeze', 'I don't need a jacket' - two minutes later I'm back for a jacket... I don't know how they do it, but they're always right!! 

6. Some friendships won't last forever - You can have the best friends in the world, you can grow up with them and be with them all your life but people change and that's okay because at the end of the day you never lose friends, you just lose the people pretending to be and you're better for it..real friendship can never be lost.

7. You're not always right - Look I usually am, at least I am 99.9% of the time but I suppose it's okay to admit that I'm not always right and sometimes, just sometimes it's okay to admit you're wrong.

8. Health is everything - Being happy and healthy in life is one of only essentials you need in life, do whatever needs to be done to keep yourself healthy and happiness will follow. Health is everything because without health, there's no life!! 

9. Nothing stays the same - This is something I don't like, I hate change but it happens and it's something you just need to accept. You can be really happy in life, everything can be going so well but eventually something will change and you'll just have to go on.

10. Life Goes On - Following on from our last point life always goes on, the sun sets in the evening but the next day it rises again (unless you live in Ireland) but no matter how bad things get, life always finds a solution
''In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on''
- Robert Frost

11. Wear flats on a night out - Look I'm not a tall girl and yes I love heels but why do it to yourself?! I see girls on a night out with heels and no back up flats and I'm just like why?! why do it to yourself?? - such a rookie!! 

12. People don't care about your feelings - This is something I've had to learn the hard way and as harsh as it is I think everyone needs to realise that people never care about your feelings, and once you realise that you'll be free.

13. Always say YES! - 'come on we're going for an adventure', 'where', 'to the ducks' okay so for normal human beings (expect for me, I love the ducks) this may not seem like the best day out but just say yes!! 
9/10 times you'll regret not doing things, okay so 1/10 times you may regret doing things but just live in the moment.. as Victoria Holt once said
 'If it's good it's wonderful, if it's bad, it's an experience'' 

14. You'll get hurt and yes, you'll hurt people - Being hurt by someone you care about is going to happen sometime during everyone's life and that's accepted, but something that not everyone is willing to admit is that a time will come where you will hurt someone who you really care about and you could push them to the point that they no longer care... it's one thing getting hurt, but knowing you hurt someone evidently ends up hurting you more.

15. Conor Murray is a God, and always will be - He may have cut his hair off, and he may be more serious than he was three years ago but rugby player Conor Murray, look this needs no explanation.. he's God okay!! 

16.Eat your veg, wear red lipstick, do your squats and don't let boys be mean to you- It took me nineteen years to master this but you know what..don't ask, just do it!!

17. Space is really cool - I've always had an obsession with the moon and stars but read more into it, research, spend nights looking at the sky, watch youtube videos of the ISS, find a special picture of a rocket, set it as your screen savour and enjoy something which will always, always be a mystery to you.

18. Never give up -Easy to say and a cliché to believe in but it's true, everything in this life involves hard work and determination. There are no short cuts, what goes around comes around so work for what you deserve.

19. Be proud, but never satisfied - Finally I finish up with one of my favourite quotes and it's pretty self explanatory.. be the best possible version of yourself that you can be.

And so with that my nineteen things have come to an end, I hope that this post has thought someone out there something and if not it's thought me something. 
Lynda Xx

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