Friday, 31 July 2015

Debs Season Has Returned

There's me, second row,fourth in from the right.
So the Debs season is once again upon us and although my own debs is done and dusted (Thank God) my best friend is still to make hers, and since she's the very last of us to make her debs so the effort is bound to be made. Last year I was obviously more into the Debs scene with three blog posts which you can re read here:
Reflecting back on my debs I don't know how I felt about it, I can't say I enjoyed myself but I also can't say I hated the night, its weird however what I can say to future debutantes is not to build it up too much because it can never stand up to what you've imagined it in your head. 

Anyway, on a much lighter note than mine I recently stumbled upon an eBook which I wish I had this time last year, it's completely free and has everything you need to know about the debs including, 
1. Choosing and styling debs dresses
2. Budgeting on debs
3. Debs essentials
4. Debs hair & beauty
5. Debs date
6. Debs limo & photography
7. Debs committee
Plus BONUS: Company listings of hair, beauty & limo hire in Ireland

I hope you have an amazing Debs <3 Xx

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