Sunday, 5 July 2015

BUMBLEance Charity Fashion Show

Hey everyone!!
 This isn't my normal type of blog post but since we FINALLY have confirmation on our venue I can reveal a secret project myself and my friends have been working on, and that is planning a charity fashion show for BUMBLEance. This post is really just the starting point where I can fill you in on the event and what we're planning but it's also a request for any help or advice that anyone reading can offer us.
 I've mentioned this before but I am OBSESSED with planning events, it's my favourite thing in the world however I've actually never planned anything as big as this in my life so obviously if there's anyone reading this who's into events or has even organised their own fashion show I would love to hear from you and get any advice you can offer me. 
On the night we're also organising a big raffle so we're looking for sponsorship or any raffle prizes so if you'd like to help out in that way email me :) 

BUMBLEance:Like I said the reason we're organising this fashion show is for a charity called BUMBLEance which is essentially a child friendly ambulance service offered around the country. Aswell as it being fully medically equipped it is the most technologically advanced ambulance on the planet. BUMBLEance is has everything on board to remove the stress for children such as games, a playstation, Ipads, audio and entertainment equipment just everything to make a child feel comfortable.  
''We are here for the sick children of Ireland, both from rural and urban areas, who are long term sick and /or seriously disabled, who need professional ambulance transport services. Catering for their every need en route to and from the principal centres of care.''
So as you can see it's one of the most incredible services in Ireland. 

The Fashion Show: The minute I saw BUMBLEance I knew straight away I wanted to do something to help them out so I began to brainstorm, I wanted to do something that would incorporate my own personality and that's when I decided to go with the fashion show. Getting my friends on board was the easy part and our meetings began, as well as the 'Bumble Team' (that's what we call ourselves) we also have some amazing models and well known people on board. 
 The show is being held in the town of Carrick On Suir in Co.Tipperary and I would LOVE if you want to tag along and support this amazing organisation.
Not only will we have the best Winter collections out there, we'll also have amazing music and some terrific prizes to give away so it's the perfect night out with your girls!!
If you want any more info on the night or if you want to enquire about tickets let me know! You can email me here or message LPL on facebook!! 

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