Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The June Catch Up

June was a hectic month for me with so many things finally coming to an end. After having a crazy busy year it's time to turn off, relax and enjoy the good aul Irish 'summer'.
Recapping on June is quite the whirlwind of emotions, on one hand I'm so happy it's done and there's no more studying but on the other hand June has been amazing and there's things like my course which have come to an end that I wish hadn't. None the less June has been my busiest and most stressful month so far this year.
Even though I could have had you fooled summer time has finally began and even though the Irish weather is not as great as it could be it's FINALLY summer and even though it's July I still haven't been to the beach yet!!!- I know ..what even?? Hello Summer Time!!

  •  Bye Bye LC: Thank the Lord Jesus the leaving cert is finally done and I've it completed for a second time. I can't lie and say it went amazing especially as I thought I was at death's door the morning of my business exam it's done and I will NEVER have to face the leaving cert again!
  • Cert in Broadcast Journalism and Presenting Say What: Readers of my blog will be well aware that since April I had been taking a level 6 course in broadcast journalism and radio presenting and you guessed it, June saw my course come to an end and it broke my heart. After having spent so much time in studio and having some incredible opportunities so it broke my heart to have the course done but I'm also very proud and excited to now have a level 6 in broadcast journalism #slipperynipplesforever 
  • Reaching 50,000 hits (June 9th): A huge milestone for me was when after two years I finally reached 50k hits on my blog and I'm as shocked as you trust me. My target for 2015 was to reach 25k hits and to have 50k ... WOW!!!
I'm still in shock and I'm delighted and I now have over 54k. Once again I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads my blog, it means so much to me!! 60k by the end of 2015??? -We'll see ;-)

  •   Plan Ireland Campaign: I was so excited to be part of my first ever campaign 'Because I Am A Girl' with Plan Ireland. I'm so excited to be able to help this incredible organisation and in June it went live!!! 

  • Getting my URL:  I FINALLY after months of trying to set up my URL it's finally live. This was another thing on my 2015 bucket list and my blog is now 'littlepieceoflynda.com' even though it isn't actually what I had in mind as 'blogspot.ie' still comes up..but look it's a June achievement!! 
  • Contributor to Campus.ie: This month I started writing for online website 'campus.ie'  and I've published two pieces so far. (You can check out my pieces here I LOVE writing with Campus.ie because it's so different to anything else I've ever written for. Every week we get pieces to choose from which we then investigate and research and then write the piece, proper journalism and I love it. 
  • Danny Miller Interview: As you know this month I got the opportunity to interview one of my favourite actors Emmerdale actor Danny Miller which you can read here:  It was such a huge honour and it's gone onto become my third most viewed post EVER!!!! 

What I'm loving...

This month I fell IN LOVE with Aveeno moisturiser. I've been looking for the perfect moisturiser for months now ever since OXY were put off the market. 
I received a sample of Aveeno and just said I'd give it a try and see if I liked it and I fell in love from the minute it went on my skin. I apply it everywhere and it leaves your body so soft and really moisturised I'm the biggest fan of aveeno and couldn't go one day without this magic cream. 

What I'm Doing...

I'm very excited to reveal this and go into more detail but this month I began planning a charity fundraiser for BUMBLEance.  I can't go into too much detail at the moment BUT, I promise you that there's a lot more information to follow and you can all get involved and help out too.
This month I've also joined the gym so I'm on a mission to get fit. I've learned that there's no better feeling than going for a jog and really clears my mind of things, running listening to some of my favourite music is just amazing and I'm loving it so far.

 What's Coming Next...

Well July is going to be HECTIC for me, with CAO choices to be decided by July 1st I've still no idea what I want to be so that's a mystery for not only you, but me.
I'll also be putting my plan into action regarding Bumblance and making things happen getting ready for August, there's going to be A LOT of PR, event planning, stress and tears yet I cannot wait.
Opposed to that, well it's SUMMER so a lot of sunbathing and chilling out, as well as trying to get a part time job of course.

Overall June has been a fairly decent month apart from that LC thing but I'm very excited for July to begin!!

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