Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My Hero

We all have heroes in our life, people who inspire us and who encourage us to work harder and to achieve something in our lives. We all know these people and we all have at least one person who we can consider a hero/role model/ inspiration. Be it a parent, friend, celebrity I think everyone has someone they're inspired by and I am blessed to have some incredible heroes in my life such as five of the greatest uncles in the world, some of the best friends a person could wish for, a career guidance teacher who never fails to gives me a right kick when I need it, friends who guide me along making a career and of course a mother who inspires me every single day.
I count myself so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life, I really do which is why I've decided to write this softer, soppy post tonight as I want to really thank my heroes... I know what you're thinking!! - Who is this, and what have they done to Lynda but I can assure you this is me *bible*

A topic which I don't regularly discuss on my blog is my family but right now I have no choice as my biggest hero comes from within my family and that is my uncle Vincent.
I'd firstly just like to say I have five uncles and each and every one of them inspire me in different ways. My godfather Tom who's been there for me everyday of my life since I was born and whom I trust with my life. Brendan, the most funniest, kind hearted man on this planet, so kindhearted in fact I sometimes wonder if he's human. Brian, the genius of the family who will do whatever he can to help anyone in need and finally Sean, the man with the biggest heart you could ever find.
Really I could write a post on each one of them but tonight I'm focusing on Vincent.

Vincent is the most strongest, brave, encouraging, cocky man I've ever met and whom I love deeply.
 I've always had a strong connection with Vincent as a child he was the cool uncle who drove a motorbike and lived in Limerick city. Unlike all my other uncles I didn't see Vincent regularly which made his visits even more special.
There was no one I rathered spending time with more than Vincent and as I got older that bond grew stronger and stronger and to this day he is still the biggest inspiration in my life, even though he abandoned me and left for Canada.
 Growing up I had Vincent here Christmas morning when I was opening my presents, not to mention the year he bought me a dancing game for my PlayStation and I almost had a break down with the happiness. Pretending santa's sleigh balls were ringing on Christmas Eve and nearly causing me to go into cardiac arrest. I also took my first alcoholic drink in his company (Smirnoff ice, with ice, and mixed with seven up.. a small bottle.. I got small amounts at a time and long story short I got about nine glasses from the stuff) I've nothing but the best memories with Vincent *purposely leaving out the Christmas he bought my cousin a toy car which I demanded I tested and smashed straight into the dresser and broke.. Sorry about that Vincent!! but no one has ever inspired me like this man.

Since my father passed away in 2008 I always felt like Vincent was my second father, someone I could turn too with anything and he never once left me down, I could imagine if my father wished I'd look up to any other man, opposed to himself of course it would be Vincent and that I do... and trust me Vincent has very big boots to fill.

Like I mentioned before Vincent did abandon me and left for a better life in Canada with his family. I think I was about sixteen at the time I first heard this and let me tell you right now I was having none of it. LEAVING ME and jetting off for a life of luxury, well I never... I'll never speak to him again.
It wasn't until I got a bit older that I realised how much bravery it took for an elderly man (sorry I was creeping myself out being so nice) to uproot his whole life and family and move across the world. A huge step but I am so proud of my uncle for doing that. Moving meant Vincent and his amazing wife, whom I also love would be able to offer their children a much better life and I respect that so much.
Putting your family ahead of everything is something I've learned from Vincent and something I'm going to carry through for the rest of my life.

Although I'll never forgive him for leaving me here, he has no idea how much he has inspired me and how proud of him I am, and for that reason and many more it's why he is my hero.