Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 12/12

AND WE'RE DONE!!!!!! *I'm bawling inside!!!*
Three months ago I started a twelve week course in broadcast journalism and presenting in WIT and the broadcast centre, obviously with my love for media and radio I knew I'd take a liking to this course but never in a million years did I ever think I would fall in love with something so much in all my life.
 Last night, Tuesday 9th June was the last night of the course and it breaks my heart to tell you this will be the last weekly report EVER.
For the past twelve weeks I've brought you along with me, keeping you up to date with everything I've been learning and how I've been getting on in my first ever 'college' course. It's been an experience anyway from the interview process to the first time we all awkwardly met in WIT and don't get me started on when Rob attempted to teach the adobe audition!!
 We've come a long way from the first time stepping into the studio putting on the cans and reading the news to writing, recording and producing our own 45 minute radio show, it really has been such a fantastic experience and I'm so happy I've done this course. Not to mention I've met some of the nicest people in the world and learned so much from some of the best in the business.. hello, we had Orla Rapple and Rob O'Connor as lecturers... we're flipping lucky!!!

With this week being the big week I'm obviously going to fill you in on all the events of the night, including the celebratory drinks in the Uluru.. *slippery nipple* - Don't worry I'll fill you in on that too!!
This week started back out in the good aul broadcast centre, over the past twelve weeks the broadcast centre has basically been our second home. I can't stress how much I love that building!! From being on work experience there over the years I never really got to see much of the place but now I can truthfully say I know the ins and outs of the place. Every week we'd be in with one of Beat's best presenters Luke O'Faolain when he was presenting live on air, it was such a hands on experience that you couldn't help but love it. My favourite part of the whole course was easily how practical it was.
The experience we gained is incredible, it's so rare that you get to spend so much time in studio and not based in a classroom, don't get me wrong there was definitely a lot of sitting down and listening but to actually get that hands on approach to it is invaluable and the more you were in studio, the more you got used to being in studio.

This week was the week we went into studio to record our final projects. Like I spoke about before we
were in our groups of four, I was so lucky to have three extremely talented people in my group.
For those who haven't read my previous blog we produced a show about festivals, we called it 'strictly come camping' and it went really really well.
We started off with the intro and a song, then straight into me talking about a local festival 'DayTripper' which is being held in Waterford city next weekend. I spoke about DayTripper and the acts which were going to play and altogether it lasted about seven minutes. Then another song and onto Oonagh's piece about festival fashion before we took on a phoner to talk about oxygen.
Finally we finished up with our festival picks, Lollapoloza in Chicago would be my all time dream festival. With line ups like Kings Of Leon, Foster The People, MGMT, Calvin Harris, it would be my dream festival so I spoke about that.
The show went down without a hitch, a few things I picked up on listening back such as my popping!! I don't pop one bit when I speak normally but on the microphone I popped quite a lot!!! So I'll need to watch that in the future, as well as that Liz Reidy from WLR told me I needed to be a bit more informed about the acts who were playing, overall we got quite good feedback so we were happy out.

After the show was recorded and listened back we all went to the pub in Waterford, The Uluru for celebration drinks, and this is where my slippery nipples come from. If you haven't heard of them before they're a shot, a shot of sambuca and baileys, I won't lie and say that I'd recommend everyone has one before they die because at the end of the same... it's sambuca, which is basically bonjela which is DISGUSTING!!! 
Overall even though I left early, hellooo in the middle of the leaving cert it was a great night and I can't wait to get back out and have another night with the guys and gals.
They're without a doubt some of the most interesting/lovely people I have ever met so I don't know how I'll spend my Tuesday nights anymore... *sigh*
Anyway, if you want to recap on my other weeks you can do so here:
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I really hope you enjoyed coming through the twelve weeks with me, I definitely enjoyed taking you through them with me, and as always any questions or feedback throw them in the comments below.
The end of a chapter :)

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