Sunday, 7 June 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 11/12

This week was the second last week of the course *cue hysterical crying* and we were based back out in the broadcast centre.
I began my leaving cert the next day so I wasn't fully alert the whole three hours but this week we really focused on practising our shows since, D day is next week so we really spent most of our time based in studio. I said it before and I’ll say it again, being in studio is my most favourite place in the world so I really was in my element.
This week I got to catch up with one of my hero's Emma Nolan who was in BEAT and Dave Cronin. I spent time with the two of them when I was in BEAT a few years ago for work experience so I love seeing them again.

As we were in studio for the majority of the time there isn’t too much to tell you about. As my group is doing a show about camping we’re covering all the festivals, I’m doing a piece on the local festival ‘DayTripper’ so I’m trying to talk about that and not sound like a marketing manager for the event and as if I’m trying to sell it.

It’s harder than you’d think I swear!!! - Maybe promotion is my thing?! ;)

Anyway, our show is really coming together now.I'm a contributor which involves a lot of research and preparation but I'm loving tying the whole show together.
Next week is our very last week which I can't believe, I'm absolutely heartbroken that it's going to be over but I'm so happy I've done the course, it was without a doubt one of the best things I've ever done so I'm ridiculously upset that it's coming to an end :-(

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