Monday, 8 June 2015

Because I Am A Girl ...
I recently took part in my first and very interesting campaign 'Because I am A Girl..'You can check it out here and the minute I read into this campaign I knew straight away it was for me and something I was fully on board with.
 Following in the footsteps of some incredible Irish females like, Louise Johnston, Sinead Burke and Holly Shortall. All women I've been inspired by so I jumped at the chance of taking part.

Obviously being a female myself I've experienced times where I was put down because of my sex. Thankfully for me it was never anything serious merely friends taking the piss about cleaning and making sandwiches but for other women in the world it's not that easy.

Women, my age and younger across the world face sexism day in and day out. Some women don't get an education, as a matter of fact 1 in 3 women don't have the opportunity to be educated. Others are forced to stay at home and mind children not to mention that 800 women a day die in childbirth. There's no opportunity for some women to have a career, something which I find very important as a young girl who dreams of having my own successful career. We don't understand how lucky we are on this side of the world and when you really look into it, it's abnormal. What is it that makes females less superior to men? - I don't understand and for that reason alone I jumped on bored of this campaign.

This incredible campaign which aims to help females in difficult circumstances across the world is run by a charity called 'Plan' - you can read more about the charity here.
Plan works in over 86,676 communities across the globe, covering 70 countries. Plan are there to, not only represent women and help disadvantaged countries but they really want to make a plan and a way to change this countries. Saving children and thousands of people's lives a day. They're first to jump in when a disaster struck these incredible people have made such a difference to so many people's lives.

Investing in females and children is so important to these people and for so many reasons. A story which really touched my heart is about fifteen year old Regina who had to leave school as she refused to be married off, a heart touching story which you can read here.
I encourage all  my readers to check out this
incredible cause and I ask you to take part and really appreciate what we have. Obviously us females aren't always treated right but we're treated a lot better than other women across the globe. If we all stand our ground and work together one day females will be as respected as men, and what a great day that will be.

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