Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 10

This week you'll be glad to know that I'm up to date with my weekly course update and week 10 of 12 is finally done and dusted.
With only two weeks left I'm still in shock at how fast everything has gone and how it's really opened my eyes.
 This week we were back in the broadcast centre which is out by Ardkeen in Waterford. We're mainly based in the broadcast centre but we've spent some weeks in the college, Waterford Institute of Technology. Being split between the two was great because, well for me anyway I got to see what it was like to attend a college based course but also being in the studio and getting the real hands on approach to radio.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love being out in the studio. Easily my most favourite thing.

For our final assignment we're required to write, produce and present a 45 minute radio show in groups of 3/4. My group are producing a magazine show on festivals, we're calling it 'strictly come camping' I'm working with geniuses so it'll be good I'm sure. I'll be a contributor to the show talking about festivals in the south east. We'll be recording next week and then the following week we'll be listening to the shows and then.... FINITO!!!
With each show being 45 minutes we'll each have two 45 minutes in the studio, I'm hoping we can get done as early as possible though as I'm starting the leaving cert the next day. Torture, but hey look that's another tale for another day.

Anyway, opposed to our assignments some of our radio features from the previous assignments were played for the head of BEAT and WLR. Mine was criticised quite badly but you need to take everything with a pinch of salt, obviously it's not nice seeing something you worked hard on being judged but I'm delighted to have the criticism from people who know best.
I've learned loads from getting the feedback, and one thing in particular is the alcohol topic. In one of my features I joked about having a pint, only briefly mentioned it but it completely slipped my mind.
Just things you'll learn as you get more experience, and of course my software was cat.
All things you'll learn as you go on :)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Best Of Charlotte Crosby

 She's nuts, she's bonkers, she's crazy, she's hilarious, she's psycho and she just so happens to be my personality twin.
For those of you who don't know of Crosby, she's from the hit MTV show Geordie Shore.
She's a favourite on the show with her witty personality and hilarious antics.
From watching the show over the years myself and my friends have seen a weird similarity between myself and Charlotte. It could be that we're both partly psycho but I'll definitely take it!!! I have to admit I've cried A LOT, I've laughed A LOT, and I've learned a hell of a lot from this woman and so with that came the inspiration for this post and on what better day than the fourth year anniversary of Geordie Shore,  I've hunted down some of the best Charlotte Crosby quotes over the past few years.

And so there you have it, some of the best things to have ever come from Crosby's mouth. I absolutely love this woman and I hope you love her too.    I know I said that I can really relate to Charlotte but I think nearly every girl in this world can too. She's the most natural, loopy TV personality ever. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 7 and 8 and 9 /12

With so much coming up within the next few weeks I completely forgot about keeping you all up to date with my 12 week course in broadcast journalism and presenting so here is a whopper of a three week course for you to catch up with what I've been up to.
The course all together is 12 weeks so I'm already half way through, with the leaving cert only two weeks away I'm getting extremely busy with assignments and studying but I'm still loving every minute of the course.

I'm heartbroken to say that I actually missed week 7, and I am gutted gutted BUT, it's with good reason that I did.. I promise!! 
Throughout the week working with interviews, interview questions, vox pops so I was kept alert and going through the week. Even though I wasn't at the course that week the work never stopped. 

Week 8 was held on May 11th and we were back out in my favourite place, the studio!! 
This week was up there with one of my favorite weeks so far! I loved every minute I was in there. This week was focused on features as well as getting talks from the head of music of both Beat and WLR.
Like usual we were divided into two groups and brought to the conference rooms first up we were introduced to Michael from WLR, to be totally honest with you I don’t really listen to WLR that often as I’m much more of a loyal Beat listener but I loved Michael.
He was absolutely fantastic and taught us so much, If only I paid as much attention in school I definitely wouldn’t be repeating my leaving cert but I did really enjoyed it.

One of the main things I learned from this week though is that radio DJ’s don’t pick the songs!!
I don’t know if that was common sense but for me I was flabbergasted.
The head of music chooses the playlist and then they run on that, I was shocked. I always thought the job of a ‘radio DJ’ was to ‘DJ’ but no!!

There’s three types of ‘playlist’ a DJ can have,
  1. Rigid - DJ has no say (7am-7pm)
  2. Part Playlist- Dj has some scope
  3. No Playlist- DJ has full scope (this would be in the likes of a specialised music show, which usually lasts about 2 hours, eg. Guaranteed Irish)
On WLR they must play 4 new songs a week.

Michael explained to us how radio presenters are ‘content fillers’ and they need to be able to come up with content and they also need us to be good storytellers.  Michael told us about how they run a ‘clock like’ hour in WLR where it starts on the hour with news and every quarter is a news break, so within those fifteen intervals there’s music but the presenter must have content. Each hour the presenter must prep 12 pieces of content. You also cannot have more than 10 minutes worth of news in any hour so every fifteen minutes there is a 2.5 minute news break.
It’s much more complex than when you’re just listening to the radio.

Michael then showed us the software the presenters use in the studio, I hate it already. By now you should know that when it comes to technology I’m about as good as a nine year old but Michael told us it was ‘foolproof’ yeah, we’ll see.
Michael really gave us a good insight into what it’s like to be a presenter, one thing I found really interesting was this idea that we give little nuggets before a song, for eg. Did you see the new video of Ed Sheeran busking in Galway… blah blah.. here’s thinking out loud.
We also discussed about making a demo and how it shouldn’t be anything over 3 minutes, the main thing Michael taught us was to make sure it isn't generic!! If it’s local radio be sure you have some sports in there too.

Next up was THE Mr Niall Power from Beat and I idolize Niall Power. He’s probably one of the first radio voices I heard growing up and I’ve always been a fan. As a matter of fact at 15 and  in Transition Year in school we were brought to the ploughing championships and I made it my mission to meet Niall (and Vinny and Mary) and get their autograph… and I did, and it’s still sitting upon my wall so to actually get a talk from Niall Power… kinda pinching myself and also urging myself not to bow down to the man when we walked into the room.
He’s actually one of the reasons why I fell in love with radio so I really was honoured to have a chat with Niall.

Niall told us about how presenters are really actors, you need to be able put on a show, people like presenters so it’s so important not to piss anyone off. You need to know your audience, know who you’re speaking too (What they want to hear, the time of the day, the time of the show)
It’s also so important to be able to sell the station, for example give a little bit of information like ‘coming up… we’ll talk to ...’ it’s also important to hook and tease!!
I’d never heard of hooking and teasing but when Niall explained it I realised it happens everyday and you hear it all the time, for a brief example: If Calvin Harris was devastated he didn't win a BAFTA last night, instead of saying ‘Scottish DJ Calvin Harris was devastated last night after he didn't win a BAFTA, we’ll tell you more after the break’ well that’s after giving away the whole story. Instead if you say ‘A DJ was devastated last night after losing out.. we'll reveal more after the break then you're more likely to keep a listener!! It’s real common sense but you wouldn't really pick it up until you were told.

When all that excitement was done we moved onto interviews. I brought my friend Carrie who's taking part in this years Clancy Brothers festival into studio and I did my first ever in studio interview. Take one was a disaster, I can truthfully say myself and Carrie didn't have a clue what we were at!! but with take 2 I think it went great and I was delighted with how it went.

Editing is still my biggest problem so far, after spending 1000,0000 hours attempting to download Adobe Audition to my chromebook I realised I’m not able to download it so that was a disaster!! But, I did manage to find my old laptop so I'm playing around with it on that all the time, the lads in the course are really helpful too, I really appreciate it but I can't wait to be done with this technology stuff. Even though I'm moving up in the world, the other day I put stuff onto my USB... BY MYSELF!!! - See, moving up in the world!!

And finally, I'm on to week 9!!
This week was full on technology mode so there's not much I can really tell you about but I'm finally done with all my editing and everything is submitted and done!!

Our next assignment was then disguised and this is on a new level, this assignment is a 45 minute show that we'll have to write, produce and present in groups of four. I'm ridiculously excited to start into it!!
I'll keep you all posted on how that goes, and I promise to keep on top of these posts! :)

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Fare Thee Well School

Finally what seems like the hardest year of your life has come to an end and you're about to graduate. This was all you've waited for all your life, that very moment when you leave the school at 3.45 and you won't ever have to go back. You're so excited to move away and go to college, go to your debs, and especially to be out of the company of some fellow classmates (don't lie, there's always the one, or two okay, okay about 11) but on the other hand you're absolutely bricking it.
How can I move away, I can barely boil an egg, what if I don't get enough points, I don't want to leave school it's all I know, what will I do without my friends, how will I learn my way around a city, what if I fail my exams, what if the closest dominoes closes down and I'll actually have to cook for myself...and by the time you answer all those questions your face literally ends up looking like Kim Kardashian over there <- but cop onto yourself, trust me, you're going to be fine no matter what happens.
Since it's almost a year since I graduated I can remember how this year sixth years must be feeling and since my old school graduates this Friday I decided there's no better time to dedicate a post to graduating and to really encourage the sixth years to live up their last week ever in school, well unless you're like me and you end back up their the next September and quite frankly resemble Kim Kardashian on a daily basis.. or at least the three weeks I lasted up there.

I'm the first to admit grad week in school is one of the best weeks you'll ever have, there's no room for seriousness and everyone's ready to just live it up, even the teachers.
 You're spending 40% of your time fighting about your graduation mass, where's the decoration committee at? who's reading in the mass and don't get me started on what the grad song will be.
 20% is focused on grad night, WHERE ARE WE GOING?!! are we staying in town?? are we going to Kilkenny? what teachers will be bully into coming to the disco? but no lads stop seriously, the whole town will be out ' WHAT DO I WEAR' and the mass before, okay no mascara in case I cry!!!
 25% is focused on making the most out of the last week, okay what are we going to do that's hilarious and lead the school into an uproar .. Okay, lets release chickens.. long story short you end up hiding under the teachers desk to give her a fright, yeah I know, trickery at it's best.
 5% of your time is actually thinking about studying and the leaving cert, like I could spend this week studying this week could be the difference between an A and a D.. but then again, I like fun, oh the decisions!!
 and then finally the following 10% is spent trying to control your emotions 9am - 'OMG there's four days left what will I do' 3.45pm - 'OMG when will this torture be over' - It's without a doubt the best week ever and what you put into it you'll get out of it so don't be afraid to mess and have a bit of fun (and hey, you can't be expelled when you're leaving anyway ;) I JOKE. Don't do anything illegal. 

From my own experience of graduating I can understand how much pressure students are under. As exciting as it is the leaving cert is always on the brain and it can quite frankly drive you mad.
As well as that you're stressing about college, and what course you really want to do. Obviously it's impossible to make an 17/18 year old decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives but that's what you're made do and that's where you can't stress yourself out.
When I graduated from school, I knew what my dream was, it had been the same since transition year and that was to study journalism in Limerick, and if there was one thing in the world that would cause me to lose sleep, it would be to have to repeat the leaving cert. There was no way I could ever do that to myself and here I am, almost a year later about to do the leaving cert for a second time.
I won't lie to you and say it's been easy especially on a Thursday night when I was heading up to bed with an accounting book getting snaps from my friends heading out to a nightclub but I've done it and no matter what happens in the Leaving and whether you get your first choice or not it all happens for a reason and you can get through it too.

When you graduate school you'll finally feel free, obviously in a month you'll have your exams but from the minute you walk out that door you're in charge of your life. Never again will you have to ask a teacher can you go to the bathroom or have to squat down in a corner at lunch time freaking out because you forgot to learn the seven new verbs for Irish. YOU'RE FREE and you should definitely feel proud of yourself because not everyone can stick out the six years of secondary school. Without a doubt it'll be hard not to be with your 60/70 classmates on a daily basis but you'll get used to that and in most cases you'll meet new, interesting people. I can say though you probably won't stay close to everyone no matter what your intentions are but since I didn't go to college this year I was really left behind in that category. It did however teach me so much about friendship and who's still  there for you when everyone else has a new life in another city. 

Personally taking the year out to repeat has been one of the most beneficial years I've ever had. Obviously it wasn't the ideal year but the experience I've gained and the opportunities I've had have been incredible.I will write a post in the near future about repeating the leaving cert, and how there are so many other options but for now my advice for leaving certers would be to once again, enjoy your last week because you'll never have another week like it. Talk to the teachers you love the most, tell them how much you loved their classes, enjoy the time with your friends, dress up in your ridiculous costumes and just really have fun.
Enjoy what time you've left, because you'll never have this opportunity again
Plus, be as excited and as proud as Jimmy Bullard.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Different Types Of Drunks Your Friends Become

Before I even begin to write this post I feel like I'm obliged to write a short disclaimer to my buddies to inform them that I'm 100% taking this post from their actions (including my own) but don't worry names will remain anonymous. Yes that's right CARRIE MCCOLLUM, Aka, I like to tell my friends they're halfway up the country and their name is Jodie and not Lynda in an attempt to confuse them and make them cry, whilst also rubbing jelly in their hair yes, moving swiftly on.
Aswell as that 'the one friend who always ruins the picture' which you can clearly see from the photograph above that I don't ever do. It's so easy to notice my friends on nights out and what's hilarious is how everyone changes after the drink hits the system.

It doesn't matter what friends you go out with or where you go, there will always be the following 14 types of girls:

1. The Too Drunk Before They leave The House: 

Pre drinks is a regular thing these days and there's always the one that overdoes it slightly, this usually results in one of two ways,
1. They're put straight to bed, no night out for them.
2. The vomiting begins, everything out and ready to start again. Leaving the house at 9pm and being home in bed by 11 with a broken toe is usually the case.  

2. The Shouting One:

Walking into a pub/club/party fearing for your dignity because she likes to chat, or scream at strangers who she thinks are her best friend. Usually resulting in the rest of the group wondering 'Why is she going over to him, she's going to say something, she wouldn't say it, oh Lord she's said it, life is ruined'. 

3. The Dancing Queen:

She's up, she's gone, she's in the middle of the floor grinding with a bunch of strangers but look at her go. 'Where did she learn those moves? Oh God she's fallen over? Woohoo back up! Why is she pointing at the ceiling, okay look away' 

 3. The Shots!!! Shots!! Shots!! 

No No, I can't do any shots tonight I've work at 9am, I'm minding the nephew tomorrow, I've a very important business meeting that could potentially make or break my..., 'I've realised you're not listening to me and now there's tequila in front of me..'

Suddenly she's shouting: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor. 

4. The Destroyer: 

'Mind the...' and she's gone, be it a crack in the ground, or a kerb she's gone and now her leg is bleeding. 'Mind the...' and now the glass is broken. Not to mention her ID is missing, where's the phone?! Crap the house key is gone, well at least she's going home with one shoe.

5. The 'I Have No Respect Tonight' 

She came, she conquered, she regrets.

 6. The Cry Baby: 

 Oh flip, she's crying again. What happened this time? Oh I think he said she had a big nose?, no no she's angry because we pulled her away from army pants and flip flops man at the bar who may have potentially been her future husband and now she's destined for a life alone with 30 cats. Here's a tissue love, let it out. 

7. The I Want To Punch Everyone:

She turns into Mike Tyson and there's nothing you can do except for keeping her away from the one person she'll knock out cold, well attempt too but knowing her and her rage she probably could manage it. Of course you don't want her getting arrested so you keep her away from 'said target' but this will of course result in you being abused but hey, what are friends for. 

 8. The Funny One: 

She's singing, she's dancing, all eyes are on her and for good reasons she's being the life and soul of the party. Making everyone laugh until of course she finds something funny and she starts laughing, hysterically. 15 hours later... the joke wasn't even funny?

9: The Photographer: 

 Out comes the camera, oh here we go. Of course we spend the whole Sunday untagging ourselves from facebook pictures. There's also the 'selfie' one.. okay girl, we're home now, the make up is off .. GO ASLEEP!!!

10. The sleeper: 

Is that your friend passed out in the chair over there? PASSED OUT?!! God no, no she's just awfully tired leave her sleep *cue the emergency rush to the bar for water and complementary slaps to the face* 

11. The Sober One:

For some reason she's not as intoxicated as the rest of you and is there to help prevent you from getting into potential difficult situations. 'NO!! You're not ringing him, put down the phone' 'Look at your skirt blowing up, get it down'.

 12. The One On A Mission:

She's on a mission, she has some alternative motive but won't share the details even though you know she's up to something as she drags you to a pub where you'd never be caught dead in coming home with a number.. so that was the plan. 

 13. 'I'm not drunk.. I can have more drink' 

She doesn't know when to stop and in her eyes she's still as sober as a judge,.
'Look one more... hey why am I on the floor?'

14. The Matchmaker:

Realistically this is never a good idea but it's her mission to get those two hitting it off. She's knows your crush and as the drinks go down you see her looking at her crush, then she looks at you, then she smiles, the she's up, then she's talking to him, then he's coming over to you, then you run...

Truthfully we all know these type of girls on nights out, and guess what..If you don't it's because it's YOU!!

Friday, 1 May 2015

Find Your Dream Job: Content Marketing

Following the response of my recent career post on marketing(which you can read here) I recruited the help of the fantastic Joy from the very successful blog Joyful all the way from Berlin to give you the insight into the career of content marketing.

Entry Routes:I had no real experience or education in marketing before I took this job. However, I do have a degree in English which is definitely a big advantage for anybody who wants to embark on a career in content marketing. I always knew that some sort of a career in writing was for me so managed to forge some previous experience writing blog posts, newsletters, etc. It just took me a few years to realise that I could spend my entire 40-hour working week doing these tasks.
What's a typical day of work like for you: A typical day in work for me consists of writing content for the company website and blog. I also write correspondence and compose newsletters on behalf of of the company to customers. I also carry out a lot of research for blog posts which is great as I get to keep up with current trends in a number of different industries.
The best part of the job:For me, the best part of the job is the chance to be creative every day. One third of my job is writing blog posts, which is not bad at all. I also like being able to perfect different writing styles. While it might not seem so at first, it can actually be quite difficult to switch your tone of writing from light-hearted blog posts, to tweets to customer emails.
The worst part of the job: Depending on the company you work for and the type of tasks you are set, the job may become repetitive. This can be extremely difficult for a creative person. In this case, I would recommend asking your team leader if there are other areas of content writing you can expand into. If there are not, take matters into your own hands. Test your writing skills by coming up with as many ways as possible to say the same things. Or set up a blog where you are free to write the type of content you want, hence expanding your portfolio.
What are some of the most important things you need to know about this job?: It is important to remember that this is a job where you will continually hone your writing skills. There is no point beginning this career path if you are not open to criticism and willing to take advice on board. No matter how good of a writer you are, you will most likely not have the experience or know-how to instantly write appealable content for various audiences. It is also important to know that content is 80% research and just 20% writing.
What kind of expectations did you have on this job before you got into it, and did it live up to them?:  I think I had a pretty good idea of what a career in content marketing would entail before I got into it. Two years later I still quite content so I guess you could say that it does live up to my expectations. One thing that I wasn't aware of where how many variations of content marketing there are. It made me rather excited as it seems like my thirst for knowledge will be satisfied for a few years more yet!
Finally What advice can you give people breaking into the industry?: Just go for it really! Try and find an industry you would be most happy writing about for 40 hours a week, and get your foot in the door of a company. If you decide to enter this career as a freelancer, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. And like with all writing careers, develop a thick skin.

A huge thanks to Joy for taking her time out to answer these questions for me, I hope it's helped anyone who's thinking of perusing a career in this industry.
Don't forget you can follow Joy on the following social media accounts:
Twitter @JoyCorkery
Instagram: Joy Corkery