Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 6/12

Woooahhhh We're Halfway There!!!!

I've finally reached the halfway mark of my course and I can truthfully say I am 100% heartbroken. 
Every single week as the course progresses I begin to love it that little bit more and I truthfully won't know what to do with myself when it's over.
I mean, what do I do on a Tuesday night when it's over??.. They're killing off Doctor Shepard in Greys Anatomy so literally what will my Tuesday nights consist of?
Anyway, this week was one of my favourites so far. Back in my favourite place the broadcast centre!! I do like being out in WIT but like I mentioned before there's something about the broadcast centre that always excites me, ever since my first time there with Zara King three years ago I've adored the place and I've always had so much fun there.

Firstly Orla brought us through the rules of the BAI, the broadcasting firm in Ireland. These are the rules that every public radio and TV station in Ireland must obey by. The majority are very common sense like no swearing, no offending groups, giving advanced warnings etc but what did shock me was that you can't have one side, and also can’t promote alcohol. Okay I suppose that should have been common sense but for me I was actually quite shocked. Well not so much that you can't build up alcohol in a good way on air but that you couldn't make a joke about it like ‘Jesus I haven't seen the sun come up in there since I was wandering home back as a teenager’ stuff like that. It may seem obvious but for me that would have been a bit of a laugh but a big NO!! when it comes to things like that.
What I also found really interesting and something you need to know was that you can't have one side of an opinion on the radio as in if you had someone coming on speaking about the Yes! side of the referendum you also need someone to vouch for the no! side.
Once again, this may be common sense but for me it wasn't and I really love learning new rules like this. It's the basic knowledge that everyone on air must know.
One mistake and it could quite literally be the end of your media career.

We then divided into two groups and we were first up to chat to Orla about our radio feature ideas. Now people, I have two ideas to choose from and I am very excited to tell you about my main one but I can't, just yet. Just know it's pretty impressive ;) - To me anyway!!
As part of the radio feature, which is an assignment due in May we also need to record a vox. I've spoken about vox pops before but incase you missed it, it's when you take to the street with your recorder and ask people questions about a topic.
I'd never done a vox pop before so I couldn't wait to give it a go, and to actually learn how to turn on on the zoom (another word for the recorder is the zoom.. just so you know ;-)) and I genuinely enjoyed doing it. We braved the rain, and the cold and went outside to ask each other questions recording them as we went.
When we all finally got back inside and defrosted we imported our audio into the computers and began editing.
Control Z ... The only advice I can give anyone interested in learning how to edit!! Know control Z. Also, the space bar starts and stops! -You learn something new everyday.

And so on that note week 6 came to an end.
I can't wait to progress on my feature and fill you all in next week, and of course if you have any questions about the course or anything I've talked about please do not hesitate to contact me.

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