Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 5/12

Week 5 was the week I was dreading the most and trust me it was with good reason. Week 5 saw us back out in WIT with Rob O'Connor and it was all about the editing!!
Those who know me, know I struggle with technology A LOT so much so I even failed ECDL back in Transition Year so for me to even know how to start a blog is mind boggling alone.
This is a little bit different though, I figured I was over thinking this whole editing business and once I got into it it would be as easy as editing a word doc... it wasn't.
Radio stations tend to use a software called 'Adobe' and I had seen it in action many times during my work experience  in Beat many times before and every single time it amazed me.. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?!!!! - Well now I know, and it's actually not too terrible!!

Editing is something I've always had an interest in anyway but it just seems so difficult to do, I admit it's confusing enough but a lot easier than I first imaged. For Little Piece Of Lynda as you know I regularly do celeb interviews but I can never upload the audio as I didn't know how to edit. Now that I do know the basics on how to edit I'll try to eventually upload some audio clips of interviews for you to listen to.

Rob took us through all the theory of editing before we listened to a vox pop on the new Harry Potter film and it was my first time hearing an unedited version of a vox pop and that itself was just really interesting especially since we're making our own in a few weeks time.
On that note we have such an exciting assignment coming up. For our second assignment we're required to do a six minute feature for the radio, which must include an interview and a vox pop (a recording of people on the street) on a chosen topic.
Mine is currently in the pipeline and I'm waiting for confirmation BUT if it goes ahead then I am very excited about it and can't wait to share it with you all... if not though, then I'm open to taking suggestions!!!!

After listening to an edited and unedited version of a vox pop we got the feel for what it will be like to do our own, I admit it's kind of nerve wrecking having to ask strangers for interviews but I can't wait. I do love chatting to people so I'm very excited to get that started.
We then began to edit the vox pop ourselves, I was very nervous about doing it I really was BUT it wasn't as difficult as I imagined!! I won't say it's easy but not as bad!!

Some people had already used the ‘adobe’ before so were flying it so Rob showed us more things about it . We learned how to put a bed of music under the edit which I think it crazy cool!! How you can make it louder or quieter in places and then dim it out it was really interesting. I surprised myself with how interesting I found it.

After about an hour of editing Rob went through the recorders with us again because the new ones were just in. We listened to what way works best when recording vox pops but you’ll really only know when you play around with them yourself. I think the recorders are something I'm definitely going to invest in in the near future. When I'm doing interviews I record with the Iphone and although you can buy microphones that attach on I'd love my own recorder.. hey my birthday is coming up ;-)

Anyway, with all that excitement we have the next week off before we're back out in the broadcast centre. I still love the broadcast centre and one day I'm still hoping to I'll be walking into a broadcast centre going in for my own show on air!!- Look, Dream Big!!

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