Sunday, 12 April 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 4/12


I can't believe I'm writing about week 4 already,like literally pinch me!!! Time flies, I'm already one third of the way through, and with every week that passes I begin to love the course a little bit more. 
This week was the week our first assignment was due. As part of the assignment we had to write a running order, write a script and then record it and let me tell you, I was bricking it!!
We'd only practised reading the news once before and it was a disaster but it went better than last week thank the Lord.
We included a 'voicer' into our bulletins which is just simply another person reading a report during the bulletin.
It’s good to have another voice on the news bulletins because it adds a variety to it.

Reading for WLR is a lot slower than if you’re with BEAT. I think that it could be slightly easier with BEAT for me personally because your voice doesn't have to be as newsy, if that makes any sense? but no, it was good. I have so much respect for news readers now though, honest to God they make it look ridiculously easier than it is.

I love going into the studio though and putting the headphones on, it’s so surreal. You sound so different but there’s so much small detail that goes into recording the news piece. Positing the microphone is really important because if it’s straight in front of your mouth you can pick up on popping, I find it sounds better slightly downwards but that will come with experience I'm sure.

When our two minute piece was recorded we went back out to the rest of the class and Orla showed us the recorders. Interviewing is something I have a huge interest in so I tried to pay a lot of attention here. I’m used to interviewing people for my blog but I normally just use my Iphone. This recorder is much handier, it must be at -12 decimals when recording and if not you just need to move it until it is at -12.
I’m not the best at technology, not the best at all, I mean as in I struggle to turn on a laptop so I’m hoping I get the hang of the recorder easy enough.

One of the most important things you need with the recorder is the earphones!!! You cannot forget the earphones.
We then went outside in groups to have a listen to what it picks up. It’s crazy what you hear, the slightest thing can be picked up. There’s so much you need to consider, the surrounding is so important.
It’s also important to hold the recorder under the chin of the person about a hand away to prevent popping.
There’s different surroundings you need to steer clear from, such as 100% not in a kitchen, not near cars, not near a window! There’s a list of things that you need to pay attention too but once again that’s all stuff you’ll learn the more you’ll cop onto the surroundings.
It’s something you wouldn't ever consider though when listening to interviews.

Next week now is the week I’m not looking forward to at all and truly, I will really struggle with it. We’re doing editing out in WIT with Rob O'Connor. It'll be interesting anyway to say the least but shur look we'll give it a bash and see how it goes.
And on that note, week 4 is now completed!!

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