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Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 2/12 AND 3/12

If you've been following my blog you'll know I just recently started a 12 week course in broadcast journalism and presenting with BEAT/WLR and WIT and I'm keeping a weekly diary on my time spent in the course, you can read week one here!!
If you also read my blog you'll understand I just recently began a career series so my weekly college course update went out the window, but fear not because I am back with a bumper TWO weeks update!!

So throwing it back to Tuesday the 23rd March where it saw my second day in the course, this week we were based out in the broadcast centre and it was all news. Before I even begin to tell you about the week I might as well admit to you I have the biggest, irrational fear of reading the news!!
I write the news 6 days a week for so by right I should be extremely confident about the news but no, Christ I'm definitely not.

There's no place I love more than the broadcast centre, I've been there a good few times from work experience but there's just something about it that gets me so excited. There's nothing like the buzz of walking in the doors and seeing all the news readers preparing, presenters walking in and out of the studio, I just love it.
We met at seven before heading up to the board rooms to separate. We split into two groups of eight which was great because we all got to bond better as a small group. Obviously we're not all best friends yet but I'm hoping as the weeks go on we'll bond more!

In our groups we got chats from the head of news from both Beat and WLR which was fantastic, having two experts talking to us about news and what they do is fantastic. First we met with Liz Reddy from WLR and she was so interesting. Liz explained to us in huge detail about what she does before bringing us down to the office where she brought us through the system they use in the broadcast centre.
Liz then showed us how they get the news in and how they pick from it, WLR are a local station so they put priority on local stories which is a great idea I think especially for the people of Waterford.
In pairs we then went through the news and picked out what order we would put stuff in, the sites themselves seem easy to use but myself and technology don't really agree with each other so I'm just hoping for the best with that!!
Liz also gave us some fantastic notes about laws of being on air, and what to do, what not to do. It was honestly such a great 45 minutes.
 Next we swapped with the other group and went to Gail Conway from Beat. I had met Gail before on work experience and really admire her so it was amazing to have the opportunity to chat to her about her job/ working the news.
Gail really showed us around the studio where she presents the news and it was ridiculously interesting, apart from my 'irrational' fear of the news of course.

WEEK 3!!!
Week three, 30th March was back out in the broadcast centre,and it the one I was dreading, THE NEWS WEEK like I said before I have the biggest irrational fear of the news and Christ was it portrayed during that night.
 It's very weird to have a phobia of something I do 6 days a week, I cover the news daily for so by now I should be fully equipt to it. I can write the news easy peasy but put me in front of a microphone to say the news... well, that's a different kettle of fish altogether. 

We kicked off the week with a bit of a re-cap, in every job you'll go into there will be certain phrase words for different things that you just have to get used to, for radio there are so many and particularly in news reading it's so important to know them all, and know exactly what they mean. They're easily learnt and when you're listening to the news and working around it you pick up on them very easily. From a 'snap' to 'copy' to' 'a voicer' to a 'package' it's important that you know them all, plus you feel really cool about yourself when you know some radio terms!! 

Then we were split up into our two groups, regional and local. Regional are stations like Beat/Spin where they cover news all around the country whereas local, which I'm in is more WLR where they cover local news stories first. It's really important to know which is which, a story which would be leading on WLR may not even appear on Beat so it's really just knowing your station and what you'd cover. 
Something I didn't know though is how important a running order is, how you place your news and in what order is so important when it's on air, as is timing. You can go up to 10 seconds over, but not a second under it's very strict but with that takes a lot of practise. There's a lot of recording yourself at home reading the news out load and listening back to see where you need to emphasize words or even try change how you say words. I find that quite tough with my accent but like everything once it's practised Ill get there.
Within our eight we divided into two's and had to write the running order and news for WLR, myself and Joe worked together on this one and it wasn't actually as bad as I imagined, once we got the hang of it that is.

Within the groups I think we're also mixing quite well and becoming a lot more comfortable around each other.  With 8 in each group it's good to mix before splitting up. A group of people who have similar interests yet are all so different is just amazing to be around. 
Anyway, after the news was wrote us local were brought into the studio to practise reading the news, long story short this is how I looked leaving the studio after reading the news.
Well? Aren't I a ray of sunshine. 
All I can say about news reading is that Zara King and Emma Nolan make it look A LOT easier than it is, I've never stuttered or stammered so much in all my life. AND to top it off, I may or may not have referred to the 'Ian Bailey' Trial as the 'Ian Beale' Trial. 

I will admit though there is something really exciting about the news and I also understand that news reading is where a lot of presenters begin their career, but ehm yeah it wouldn't be my most favourite thing I've ever done to say the least. 

With our first assignment due Tuesday I'll be busy for the weekend but whoop whoop!! First ever college assignment, don't worry I can already see the excitement wearing off VERYYYYYYY quickly!!

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