Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Happy Birthday Father Ted!!

If you're like me then you'll realise that today is a very special day and that is because it marks the 20th anniversary of Father Ted.
 I've grown up my whole life watching Father Ted and I can truthfully say it holds such a special place in my heart, yes a TV programme, I am that sad but it's one of my earliest memories and one of those things that in twenty years down the line I will have my children watching and knowing EVERY single word from Father Ted.
 Father Ted is one of those programmes that brings a smile and a serious laugh every single time I watch it. You don't talk when Father Ted is on and I'm in the room. You sit down, you watch and you laugh!! No matter what mood I'm in Father Ted never fails to make me laugh.
 With the comical genius of Dermot Morgan and Ardal O'Hanlon it was a match made in heaven, of course getting even better when they brought in more comical geniuses such as Brendan Grace, Richard Wilson and Graham Norton. Five of my favourite comedians in one programme.
The aim of this post was to get a collection of my Top 5 Father Ted moments but you know what? I simply cannot do that. I've now spent the good part of four hours thinking back on my top memories from Ted and the boys but I can't narrow it down. 
 I have two All time favourite Father Ted moments but the rest.. I just can't put in order so without further a do here are some of the best Father Ted moments to have ever graced the earth!! .. And yes, I will reveal my top two!!
And finally, the time has come to reveal my top two all time favourite Father Ted moments:
2. In second position is from my all time favourite episode and that is 'A christmassy Father Ted'  - Who knew a laundry section would be so big eyy??
1. And finally, in the number 1 position is the most hilarious scene I've ever seen in my nineteen years... RIP Father Jack!!
(And would you believe I couldn't find a proper clip of it?!!..Sorry)
All I can say is thank God for Father Ted!!!

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