Monday, 13 April 2015

Find Your Dream Job: Study Primary Teaching

There's very few girls in Ireland that can truthfully say that becoming a primary teaching never crossed their minds, it crossed mine, it crossed my mothers every single day of my nineteen years but I think becoming a primary teacher requires you to have something within you that drives you towards it. Many people fall out of the idea of primary teaching because of the HL Irish or the idea of children each and every day but for 19 year old Niamh O'Shea it's all she's ever wanted.
 Niamh is in her first year of primary teaching in Mary I, Limerick and really does love every minute. She also happens to be one of my most oldest and bestest school friends, so old in fact we once looked like this ------>
 Anyway, I chatted to Niamh to find out everything you need to know about becoming a primary school teacher.

For someone who doesn't know much about what this course is, how could you best describe it : It’s really about teaching you how to teach the subjects in a primary school, learning about classroom management and teaching techniques, psychology, with school placement every year.

What are the requirements for this course: Grade C3 on a Higher Level paper in not less than three subjects, Grade D3 in three other subjects (at Higher or Ordinary Level)

minimum grades in:  Irish: Grade C3 on the Higher Level Paper, English: Grade D3 on the Higher Level Paper or Grade C3 on the Ordinary Level paper, Maths : Grade D3 on the Higher or Ordinary Level Paper
The points for last year were 465

Where else can you study this course: St. Patrick’s College in Dublin, Marino Institute of Education, Maynooth University.

What were your expectations of this course before you began and did it live up to them: The content of the course is pretty much what I expected it to be like, although there are more readings and assignments to do than I thought which require a lot of time. I also expected that we would be mostly be taught how to teach and I didn't really think about what goes with that that we would learn about e.g. classroom management strategies, how to deal with a multitude of abilities in your class, how to teach in a multi-class setting (more than 1 class in a classroom) etc.

Is there anything about this course that shocked you: Most of this I said above- that there is a lot more to a primary teacher than just teaching- there are so many more skills you need to learn to acquire and you can test them out and practise on school placement as you have them each year.

What are the most important things you need to know about this course: That a lot of hours and hard work go in to preparation for School Placement and lesson plans! It’s also not just learning how to teach all of the subjects on the primary school curriculum, but also learning about the background and history of education, developmental and educational psychology of children, learning about ethical and moral issues in a classroom among many other areas.
There is also a trip to the Gaeltacht (you get to choose which one you go to) at the end of 1st and 3rd year for two weeks which is part of the course after which you have an oral exam back in the college.

What advice can you give someone hoping to follow your footsteps and get into this career: Work hard for the entry requirements for the course but it is not the end of the world if you don’t get primary teaching straight away as you can get into it through arts as well with lower points. You should also try to get some work experience in a school as even though we have all been in primary school, it’s a lot different when you’re not sitting at a desk and listening to a teacher.

Did you always know this was the career for you?: When I was in primary school, I knew it was what I wanted to do but when I reached secondary school, I started to re-think my options and thought about nursing among countless other careers. That was until I got work experience in a local primary school in T.Y. and loved every minute of it and I knew it was for me!

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