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Find Your Dream Job: Retail

Eimear Ryan
Cosmetic Retail Consultant for Jo Malone
Eimear Ryan is a 22 year old law student in Dublin but originally comes from Limerick. Working her way up the fashion/beauty ladder Eimear's worked hard and now works with some of the biggest brands in the country and now she is giving us a little insight into what it's like being a retail consultant.
Job Title: Stylist for Jo Malone London.
Description of your job and the industry itself:
My job is a stylist I tailor fragrances and body creams create different fragrance combinations to suit peoples personalities and also to create perhaps a signature fragrance for a special moment in their life such as a wedding. I often get many clients who associate a fragrance from a brand with that special moment on their wedding day brings back memories.
Entry Routes:
They require you to be a person who is constantly looking for career opportunities so I would say having a leaving cert and being in a college course shows how career focused you are to have goals in life that you want to achieve! The brand require people who are confident, innovative, intuitive and view the job as an opportunity to bring them more successes in life.You do need to have a degree of retail experience as it is essential that you are able to deliver exceptional customer service and can achieve high sales targets.I would advise perhaps starting a summer job at 17 in a high street store first before you move onto High end well established brands.
What's a typical day like for you : 
A typical day for me varies that's what I love about it I am constantly sharing my ideas and knowledge of the brand to customers and creating brand fostering relationships with them where they share their ideas of what fragrances they love and what special occasion they require a gift for.I like them to be able to trust me and feel safe in knowing I will provide the best for them. There is nothing more satisfying than having a customer return to the store and call you by your name it makes you feel appreciated and satisfied you have gained trust and confidence from a customer. I can have customers of all ages approaching me from young to old. The brides to be or the sons who need to buy their mothers a sorry gift for messing up! The husbands and boyfriends that are completely clueless about what gifts to get so its enjoyable to help them feel at ease as men find department stores confusing! But in men's defence they are coming more prepared these days with iPhone photos of the bottle of perfume their wives or girlfriends are wearing!
What's the worst part of the job: The worst part of the job I wouldn't say there are any really bad aspects to it besides the fact you need to be able to cope in a chaotic environment and need to be able to assist all customers at a high standard while making sure they are happy. It requires a positive attitude and a strong knowledge of the products the brand sells so its always important to keep aware of all the latest product launches that come about every 2 months as customers tend to come in and question you about them from reading in magazines you need to be aware.If you enjoy non stop moving and chaos you won't hate this job.
What are some of the most important things you need to know about this job: The most important things you need to know about this job.You need to be extremely brand aware and be willing to learn and accept.It helps if you have a love and passion for the brand it helps sell products more easily! It is important you create a bond between the rest of the other sales associates in your concession this helps the team reach the sales targets required from the brand on a daily basis. This job is more than just standing behind a till scanning perfume bottles.It takes a lot to please customers so it requires a degree of creativity and a degree of patience.You must be willing to accept any challenge that arises and you must enjoy chaos and working in a team.
What kind of expectations did you have about this job, and did it live up to them: The job lived up too all my expectations at first I was a tad bit scared of the fact sales targets are so important for high end brands.But I then started to stop letting it get in the way of my thoughts and I just instantly forgot it.The sales targets were achieved I found the other stylists I worked with were great at encouraging me and praising me its nice to be surrounded by positive people. The job has provided me with great skills and great friends.

I also had a major fear of the bow tying that is required in Jo Malone London.I feared I would not be able to bow tie extremely fast during as the first time I attempted it I got extremely nervous as customers were starring over the counter seeing how I tied the bow.So I got stage fright for the first week I felt nervous over all the different boxes and all the different ribbons and bows required to wrap the products into! But by Christmas I was a pro at ribbon tying! I was tying everything and anything now I am unstoppable I love tying bows in my hair.
What advice can you give people hoping to break into this industry: Well my advice would be do tons of interviews I mean tons and tons of interviews and be prepared for failures as high end retail jobs require 2/3 interviews so it is a long process you need to stand out from the crowd.I would say use google to get sample job interview questions and even use the experience of other job interview questions to structure answers that reflect different situations and scenarios on how to work in retail. You definitely need to stand out in a brand interview by showing them that you are fully aware of the brands motto and qualities what they stand for. You must have product knowledge this shows you want to work there. You must also view the job as an opportunity or a stepping stone into the future they like to see career motivated people! I would say gain experience in other stores its vital you have different retail experiences or even some sales and promotions in nightclubs can be a bonus for demonstrating that you are confident! Don't give up on trying to get the job if you want it bad enough you will find a way to get it! I got rejected from numerous jobs many times and if I had given up I would not be in the position I am right now. Focus focus and dress the part if you wanna work in the store you need to prove to them you fit right into brand.

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