Thursday, 23 April 2015

Find Your Dream Job: Entrepreneur

Amy O'Sullivan 

Everyone knows my love for business and entrepreneurship but when the successful entrepreneur is a fantastic inspiring female it makes me 300 times more interested.
 Amy is the owner of the very successful business 'Inspiration to Succeed' and is also a beauty and fashion writer for 'The Secret Obsession'.
I was over the moon to chat to this fabulous lady about her career and what it's like to be a successful business woman.

Job Title:  Forever Business Owner

Description of your job, and the industry itself: I am an independent business owner with global health and wellness company Forever Living Products. Forever Living is a network marketing company. Unlike traditional business which if filled with costs and overheads network marketing allows ordinary people to build a business from home with no overheads and an uncapped income potential.
Entry Routes, as in college, experience, apprenticeship etc: There are no restrictions or qualifications required to become a Forever business owner - once you are 18 years of age anybody can become a Forever business owner and start to build a successful home based business.
A typical day of work for you: Everyday is different in this business which I love but a typical day for me would be centred around contacting potential business partners and showing people what I do and also helping out new and existing members of my team on their roads to success. So my work is mainly focused around people which I love but I still have the time and flexibility to go for a run, meet friends for coffee or do spot of shopping. That's the beauty of this business, so much can be achieved from the comfort of your own home and around your other commitments.
The best part of the job: I am my own boss - I work when I decide to work and if I need a day off I can take it. I also get to help people to achieve their financial and personal goals which is really rewarding.
The worst part of the job: I am my own boss - which requires lots of self motivation! if you like to challenge yourself and push yourself you really can achieve big things with everything that is on offer with the company's marketing plan.
What are some of the most important things you need to know about this job? Look into the industry of network marketing and get to understand it a bit better. Its not like traditional business or a job - you get to have a business without any overheads, with an already established successful marketing plan and product range, and there are no limits on what you can earn - no glass ceiling above your head. Most people unfortunately will knock this way of doing business because they don't understand it.
What kind of expectations did you have on this job before you got into it, and did it live up to them? I didn't really know what to expect - I thought it was just sales when I first looked at it - going to door to door and catalogue sales and I had no interest in that. Much to my delight that's not how the company do business. As I researched the industry more and got to know more about the company and the products and the incentives on offer I realised the amazing opportunity I had my hands on.
Finally What advice can you give people breaking into the industry? Never give up! This is not a get rich quick scheme - you need to put in hard work if you want to get the BIG results. Find a mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve and study what they do. Set your goals and create a focused plan to achieve them.

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