Sunday, 12 April 2015

Conclusion: Find Your Dream Job

I started this series on the first day of April and I can truthfully say I think it's been one of the most enjoyable 'blog series' I've ever wrote. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to new, and very interesting people about their career and a real persons insights into the job they do.
 There are so many jobs I never even considered or heard about before I did this series but now I'm so much more informed and I hope you are too.
I really hope that this series has helped at least one person out there who was struggling to make an informed decision about what to put down on CAO, or even a person who had been considering changing a job has gotten some little bit of motivation from it.
 I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who's helped me out and who has given their time to speak about their careers to me. I've met some really great people and without them this series wouldn't have been possible so thanks to them.
 This is also where I'll archieve all this career series so in this post you will find every single career that's ever featured on my blog to help you find the one you're looking for. Simply click on the word and you'll be directed to the post you're looking for!! - Yes I know, I should be a careers teacher!!

Careers:                                                                                                              College Courses: 

Veterinary nursing:                                                                                              Social Care:
Cosmetic Retail Consultant:                                                                                 Teaching: 
Events and Promotions                                                                                        Journalism

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