Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 6/12

Woooahhhh We're Halfway There!!!!

I've finally reached the halfway mark of my course and I can truthfully say I am 100% heartbroken. 
Every single week as the course progresses I begin to love it that little bit more and I truthfully won't know what to do with myself when it's over.
I mean, what do I do on a Tuesday night when it's over??.. They're killing off Doctor Shepard in Greys Anatomy so literally what will my Tuesday nights consist of?
Anyway, this week was one of my favourites so far. Back in my favourite place the broadcast centre!! I do like being out in WIT but like I mentioned before there's something about the broadcast centre that always excites me, ever since my first time there with Zara King three years ago I've adored the place and I've always had so much fun there.

Firstly Orla brought us through the rules of the BAI, the broadcasting firm in Ireland. These are the rules that every public radio and TV station in Ireland must obey by. The majority are very common sense like no swearing, no offending groups, giving advanced warnings etc but what did shock me was that you can't have one side, and also can’t promote alcohol. Okay I suppose that should have been common sense but for me I was actually quite shocked. Well not so much that you can't build up alcohol in a good way on air but that you couldn't make a joke about it like ‘Jesus I haven't seen the sun come up in there since I was wandering home back as a teenager’ stuff like that. It may seem obvious but for me that would have been a bit of a laugh but a big NO!! when it comes to things like that.
What I also found really interesting and something you need to know was that you can't have one side of an opinion on the radio as in if you had someone coming on speaking about the Yes! side of the referendum you also need someone to vouch for the no! side.
Once again, this may be common sense but for me it wasn't and I really love learning new rules like this. It's the basic knowledge that everyone on air must know.
One mistake and it could quite literally be the end of your media career.

We then divided into two groups and we were first up to chat to Orla about our radio feature ideas. Now people, I have two ideas to choose from and I am very excited to tell you about my main one but I can't, just yet. Just know it's pretty impressive ;) - To me anyway!!
As part of the radio feature, which is an assignment due in May we also need to record a vox. I've spoken about vox pops before but incase you missed it, it's when you take to the street with your recorder and ask people questions about a topic.
I'd never done a vox pop before so I couldn't wait to give it a go, and to actually learn how to turn on on the zoom (another word for the recorder is the zoom.. just so you know ;-)) and I genuinely enjoyed doing it. We braved the rain, and the cold and went outside to ask each other questions recording them as we went.
When we all finally got back inside and defrosted we imported our audio into the computers and began editing.
Control Z ... The only advice I can give anyone interested in learning how to edit!! Know control Z. Also, the space bar starts and stops! -You learn something new everyday.

And so on that note week 6 came to an end.
I can't wait to progress on my feature and fill you all in next week, and of course if you have any questions about the course or anything I've talked about please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Living In Luxury

Glencomeragh Hermitage House

There comes a time in everyones life when you desire to get away, be it a stressful job, exams coming up or just a need to escape from reality Glencomeragh is a place you need to visit. 
Glencomeragh  is located in Co.Waterford and at the very base of the Comeragh mountains, only 3 miles from the village of Kilsheelan, the perfect destination for anyone looking to get away.
Glencomeragh is only a ten minute drive from my house so I pass it on a regular basis but I could never have imaged the beauty and relaxation I'd witness staying in one of the hermitage houses this weekend. 

 For those of you who have never heard of Glencomeragh, it is a 'house of prayer' run by the Rosminians. Glencomeragh welcome people of all religions to come on their own, or as a group to come and meditate, go on retreat, to seek help in times of crisis or to simply take time out of their busy lives.  Glencomeragh offer beautiful gardens to walk around, flowing streams, a labyrinth, and animals. Glencomeragh is aimed at 'renewal and healing of body, mind and spirit.'
'Guests are invited to take time out to reflect on their human and spiritual development. In Glencomeragh, they will find a peaceful setting and encouragement from the Rosminian Community who reside there.'

After weeks of waiting the weekend had arrived where myself and my best friend Annmarie would be leaving our lives behind and spending two nights living in luxury.  
With Annmarie's college exams around the corner and my leaving cert quickly approaching we decided it was the perfect time to get away. No make up, no phone, no wifi, no blogging,no emails, no stress =It was perfection.
 After a personal hectic few weeks I knew it was time I removed myself for a while and I can truthfully say it was the best decision I've ever made and I am extremely sad to be back home right now.
We checked in on Friday evening being welcomed by the lovely Fr.Browne . We were brought to the hermitage house and I can tell you now I was speechless, WOW!!!
A wooden hut perched on the edge of the hill, it was CRAZY!!! 
The three hermitage houses. 
 The whole thing was crazy I couldn't believe it. To get to the houses you have to walk up 78 steps but when you get there, OH MY!!! You can see the whole area, all the gardens, the beautiful mountains. The view from the outside of the house alone was breath taking, getting even better when you go inside.
  The first thing that got me about the houses was the front door, why? - Because it wasn't even a door.
The door was a huge wooden electronic passage, the thickness in the wood made you feel so so safe.
The house itself was very open, very light and airy with very few doors. Everything was open.
There was one bedroom which led to the bathroom and the incredible window, just look at the view from the window. Sitting in that chair, watching the world go by, nothing could have been better.
Walking into the house was an experience by itself and I could just sense that this would be a perfect weekend.

Unfortunately it rained for the good part of Saturday so we couldn't leave the house. I'm the first to admit that staying inside for a whole day is tricky enough for me, but I had never felt so relaxed. There's something about the house that made you feel at peace, not to mention I felt like I was in the sound of music.

At around 3 O'clock the rain cleared up so we decided to head off and explore the surroundings and to play with the ducks (my second favourite animals.. they're too cool) and it was the most amazing thing ever.
Thankfully I had my rain poncho on, which you can clearly see in the photo so I was good to go.
I loved not wearing make up, and not having to worry about dressing up whatever you wore was perfect, sense why I wore that thing walking around the gardens.

I'm the type of person who loves being outside anyway, for me I love being out in the air walking around and taking everything in so I was so relaxed. There was lakes, streams, fountains and even a waterfall.
I was in love, and then it got better.
We suddenly stumbled upon my heaven, a big cage of ducks and hens and doves and roosters, even a peacock I almost died, the excitement took over me and I couldn't breathe. The excitement!!
 I honestly enjoyed the time spent out with the lads. There's nothing better than the quacks of a duck!
Definitely investing in a few ponds when I'm older!! - It's on the bucket list!!
When we came back from the stroll we decided to make dinner as we were self catering. You can go full board but for us self catering was perfect.
The kitchen was fully equipped and you had everything you could ever have wanted.
A microwave, cooker, oven, fridge, freezer everything!!
Saturday evening I went for a walk around the grounds and it's then I really found peace, thinking about other Saturday nights out in town and how relaxed I was really opened my eyes and I was absolutely in my element.
Night times were a tiny bit freaky I'm not going to lie but nothing you couldn't deal with. Come Sunday I was absolutely gutted to be leaving, to tell you the truth I'm only home a couple of hours and I'm wishing I was back in Glencomeragh.

If there's one thing in life I'd recommend to everyone out there is to take time out and get away from your life. Get yourself to Glencomeragh and if not to stay to walk around the beautiful surroundings.
To find out more log onto or email
A huge thanks to the lovely Father Browne for giving us such a lovely weekend, it's something I won't forget for a very, very long time.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Find Your Dream Job: Entrepreneur

Amy O'Sullivan 

Everyone knows my love for business and entrepreneurship but when the successful entrepreneur is a fantastic inspiring female it makes me 300 times more interested.
 Amy is the owner of the very successful business 'Inspiration to Succeed' and is also a beauty and fashion writer for 'The Secret Obsession'.
I was over the moon to chat to this fabulous lady about her career and what it's like to be a successful business woman.

Job Title:  Forever Business Owner

Description of your job, and the industry itself: I am an independent business owner with global health and wellness company Forever Living Products. Forever Living is a network marketing company. Unlike traditional business which if filled with costs and overheads network marketing allows ordinary people to build a business from home with no overheads and an uncapped income potential.
Entry Routes, as in college, experience, apprenticeship etc: There are no restrictions or qualifications required to become a Forever business owner - once you are 18 years of age anybody can become a Forever business owner and start to build a successful home based business.
A typical day of work for you: Everyday is different in this business which I love but a typical day for me would be centred around contacting potential business partners and showing people what I do and also helping out new and existing members of my team on their roads to success. So my work is mainly focused around people which I love but I still have the time and flexibility to go for a run, meet friends for coffee or do spot of shopping. That's the beauty of this business, so much can be achieved from the comfort of your own home and around your other commitments.
The best part of the job: I am my own boss - I work when I decide to work and if I need a day off I can take it. I also get to help people to achieve their financial and personal goals which is really rewarding.
The worst part of the job: I am my own boss - which requires lots of self motivation! if you like to challenge yourself and push yourself you really can achieve big things with everything that is on offer with the company's marketing plan.
What are some of the most important things you need to know about this job? Look into the industry of network marketing and get to understand it a bit better. Its not like traditional business or a job - you get to have a business without any overheads, with an already established successful marketing plan and product range, and there are no limits on what you can earn - no glass ceiling above your head. Most people unfortunately will knock this way of doing business because they don't understand it.
What kind of expectations did you have on this job before you got into it, and did it live up to them? I didn't really know what to expect - I thought it was just sales when I first looked at it - going to door to door and catalogue sales and I had no interest in that. Much to my delight that's not how the company do business. As I researched the industry more and got to know more about the company and the products and the incentives on offer I realised the amazing opportunity I had my hands on.
Finally What advice can you give people breaking into the industry? Never give up! This is not a get rich quick scheme - you need to put in hard work if you want to get the BIG results. Find a mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve and study what they do. Set your goals and create a focused plan to achieve them.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 5/12

Week 5 was the week I was dreading the most and trust me it was with good reason. Week 5 saw us back out in WIT with Rob O'Connor and it was all about the editing!!
Those who know me, know I struggle with technology A LOT so much so I even failed ECDL back in Transition Year so for me to even know how to start a blog is mind boggling alone.
This is a little bit different though, I figured I was over thinking this whole editing business and once I got into it it would be as easy as editing a word doc... it wasn't.
Radio stations tend to use a software called 'Adobe' and I had seen it in action many times during my work experience  in Beat many times before and every single time it amazed me.. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT?!!!! - Well now I know, and it's actually not too terrible!!

Editing is something I've always had an interest in anyway but it just seems so difficult to do, I admit it's confusing enough but a lot easier than I first imaged. For Little Piece Of Lynda as you know I regularly do celeb interviews but I can never upload the audio as I didn't know how to edit. Now that I do know the basics on how to edit I'll try to eventually upload some audio clips of interviews for you to listen to.

Rob took us through all the theory of editing before we listened to a vox pop on the new Harry Potter film and it was my first time hearing an unedited version of a vox pop and that itself was just really interesting especially since we're making our own in a few weeks time.
On that note we have such an exciting assignment coming up. For our second assignment we're required to do a six minute feature for the radio, which must include an interview and a vox pop (a recording of people on the street) on a chosen topic.
Mine is currently in the pipeline and I'm waiting for confirmation BUT if it goes ahead then I am very excited about it and can't wait to share it with you all... if not though, then I'm open to taking suggestions!!!!

After listening to an edited and unedited version of a vox pop we got the feel for what it will be like to do our own, I admit it's kind of nerve wrecking having to ask strangers for interviews but I can't wait. I do love chatting to people so I'm very excited to get that started.
We then began to edit the vox pop ourselves, I was very nervous about doing it I really was BUT it wasn't as difficult as I imagined!! I won't say it's easy but not as bad!!

Some people had already used the ‘adobe’ before so were flying it so Rob showed us more things about it . We learned how to put a bed of music under the edit which I think it crazy cool!! How you can make it louder or quieter in places and then dim it out it was really interesting. I surprised myself with how interesting I found it.

After about an hour of editing Rob went through the recorders with us again because the new ones were just in. We listened to what way works best when recording vox pops but you’ll really only know when you play around with them yourself. I think the recorders are something I'm definitely going to invest in in the near future. When I'm doing interviews I record with the Iphone and although you can buy microphones that attach on I'd love my own recorder.. hey my birthday is coming up ;-)

Anyway, with all that excitement we have the next week off before we're back out in the broadcast centre. I still love the broadcast centre and one day I'm still hoping to I'll be walking into a broadcast centre going in for my own show on air!!- Look, Dream Big!!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Happy Birthday Father Ted!!

If you're like me then you'll realise that today is a very special day and that is because it marks the 20th anniversary of Father Ted.
 I've grown up my whole life watching Father Ted and I can truthfully say it holds such a special place in my heart, yes a TV programme, I am that sad but it's one of my earliest memories and one of those things that in twenty years down the line I will have my children watching and knowing EVERY single word from Father Ted.
 Father Ted is one of those programmes that brings a smile and a serious laugh every single time I watch it. You don't talk when Father Ted is on and I'm in the room. You sit down, you watch and you laugh!! No matter what mood I'm in Father Ted never fails to make me laugh.
 With the comical genius of Dermot Morgan and Ardal O'Hanlon it was a match made in heaven, of course getting even better when they brought in more comical geniuses such as Brendan Grace, Richard Wilson and Graham Norton. Five of my favourite comedians in one programme.
The aim of this post was to get a collection of my Top 5 Father Ted moments but you know what? I simply cannot do that. I've now spent the good part of four hours thinking back on my top memories from Ted and the boys but I can't narrow it down. 
 I have two All time favourite Father Ted moments but the rest.. I just can't put in order so without further a do here are some of the best Father Ted moments to have ever graced the earth!! .. And yes, I will reveal my top two!!
And finally, the time has come to reveal my top two all time favourite Father Ted moments:
2. In second position is from my all time favourite episode and that is 'A christmassy Father Ted'  - Who knew a laundry section would be so big eyy??
1. And finally, in the number 1 position is the most hilarious scene I've ever seen in my nineteen years... RIP Father Jack!!
(And would you believe I couldn't find a proper clip of it?!!..Sorry)
All I can say is thank God for Father Ted!!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My New Obsession: I'm Talking Versace

I have a new obsession!!That's right people a new obsession so brace yourselves and that is with Versace. Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I normally wouldn't be into high costing fashion designers but WOW
The Anthony Vaccarello X Versus Versace range? Oh My!!
With fans like the Kardashian sisters you know it's a big thing but my God, the LBD from the range... WOW!!
The Kardashian sisters are style queens with the exception of Khloé who, in my eyes is a style God!!
Khloé recently took to the red carpet for the American Music Awards with sisters Kylie and Kendal and I wouldn't normally go too OTT when it comes to dresses celebs wear on the red carpet but the second I saw Khloe I knew this was going to be one of my all time favourite looks. From her hair to her make up, she was literally 'on fleak'.. yes, I said it ON FLEAK!!!
Every woman out there has a LBD, it's just something that's done but Khloé took it up a notch with the detail to her thigh. Of course with a figure like that you could wear a bin bag and still look incredible but Khloé looked incredible.
From stalking the new collection for Versace I saw the dress will set you back a whooping £555.14 so it probably won't be on my Christmas list anytime soon.. but that doesn't stop me eyeballing the collection! You can stalk it like me here!!

How to deal with an interview

When it comes to Interviews it can bring the sweat out in people, what do I wear? should I tie my hair up? Ew I tied it back so much I look like a feckin young fella, interviews can be extremely daunting but fear not I'm here to help you through it by giving you my tips and helping you answer some of those ehm, tricker questions.

I had my first ever interview when I was 17 years old, and to be honest it wasn't really an interview. Somehow in my old school they think when you're in fifth year you don't have enough going on so they decide to throw you into a pretend interview of your dream job. I went with media at the time, and I can truthfully say I had never been so nervous in all my life, the sheer pressure of it not to mention I was the very last fifth year left in the school with just my career guidance teacher and the two interviewers who I had no clue who they were, the pressure was most definitely on and well long story short I got the non existent job and had the best laugh ever. Every interview lasted about 15-20 minutes, I was in there for at least 45 minutes having a great time. It was the one time I could really talk about my love for media and radio and it went great. I will admit I was ridiculously prepared but I really had a passion and when you can talk about something you love with good knowledge behind you then you're going to do well no matter what the situation.

Since that day I've had many more interviews but not so much like that, in my line of work I get to interview other people but my only ever interview happened quite recently and it's something that a lot of students will be facing in the upcoming months and that is the college interview.
Many colleges in Ireland require you to do an interview before being accepted to college, many are for PLC's and especially art and fashion colleges but they can be as equally nerve wrecking as a job interview.
I'm quite a confident person so genuinely being interviewed doesn't phase me at all, which I'm lucky about but at the beginning of March I went for an interview for a course in radio and presenting in WIT and it was a little bit different.
I can't say I was nervous because I really wasn't I just got a bit, ehm flustered. I brought my big portfolio with me, just in case and I like to look professional so going up in the lift with one of my interviewers she asked me what was in my hands 'stuff' I replied with 'oh just stuff' - I'm not lying. Stuff. So as I was beginning to deal with the fact that I just said 'stuff' to my potential lecturer in college when I was asked what's a talking point in my town at the moment... 'trucks' yes I replied with a simple 'trucks' - well that was it, I wasn't getting into this course but low and behold two weeks later I got the email and I was in, and I'm still in it 5 week on and loving every minute.

Most of my best friends have had an interview for a college they want/wanted to attend, some got it, some didn't but it's mainly all down to preparation. If you go in there all over the place, no proof, no facts, no knowledge of the industry you hardly expect yourself to go far with the interview anyway and you're just setting yourself up to be left down.Of course it's not all down to preparation, sometimes you just won't get along with the interviewer, or there's simply better people for the job, but you want to put yourself in the best  possible position that you can.
They're obvious, but here are some of my top tips for your interview:

  • Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! - This is the best advice I can give someone. I'm very weird when it comes to this type of thing myself though. I'm the type of person who works better on the spot, but that being said I am very organised when I need to be. I can spend hours upon hours researching something a month before but when I know enough that's it, I stop and I do no more. The night before doesn't work for me, I need to prep in advance. I wouldn't necessarily plan what you're going to say, as that never works out right but know how you can lead a conversation. Basically have an answer for EVERYTHING!! and I mean it, everything!! 
  • Dress to Impress!- White shirt and black pants.. but really??! I don't know about that but what I do know is you need to look the part. I'm not a very neat person as in, yes there are days where I shouldn't go out with my hair like a cave mans but I don't really care but when it comes to an Interview I do believe in making an effort. I'm not talking debs dress effort but smart, casual, make yourself look pretty. If you're going for an office position then yes maybe a nice blouse and a pencil skirt but for a college interview I don't believe that's necessary. When it comes to creative interviews such as media, art colleges then I think go for it! Bring out your own style. Once you look good and you're confident then you're set. (You can pull the hair down the second you leave the room don't worry)
  • Don't be late!- Look I am the queen of being late, I am always late but one thing you should never be is late for an interview. Leave the house fifteen minutes earlier than you should with plenty of time. Expect the unexpected!! You never know when a bloody digger will slow you down so give yourself plenty of time. You also don't want to swoop in the door with 30 seconds to spare dripping in sweat because you just ran the last six miles, just leave early!! IF there's nothing else you can do and you're going to be late, then okay don't stress give them a call. Apologize remorselessly but they will understand, these things happen and they will really respect the call.
This is also very important if you're doing a phone interview, if you're the one doing the calling then you ring on time. If you say you will call at 5pm you call at 5pm, not 4:50 not 5:15, 5pm!!- Trust me there's nothing more irritating than a person who doesn't stick to a set time.
  • Explain everything!- If there's something on your CV that you know will be a topic of discussion then you need to be able to talk about it. There's no point having something down that when brought up you have no answer for, for a very brief (and weird) example if you say you collect antique rings as a hobby on your CV but you know you've just lost your great great grandmothers ring and it'll make you cry discussing it.. take it off your CV!! Equally if it's something you were involved in be prepared to speak about it. If you planned a charity fashion show, prepare to speak about it, have your figures, have your facts and be prepared and do not lie, not even a little white one!!! 
  • Have a question to ask! - At the end of every single interview there will come the opportunity for you to ask a question, this is a golden opportunity and it must not be missed. It can be so hard to think on the spot, and in your mind your forcing yourself to think of a question, think of a question!!!! Then they ask and you just smile and say 'no'. That's not good enough!!! Ask the smallest of questions, even if it's just 'when will we know if we get offered the job/course' just ask something people!!! but under no circumstances ask about pay, trust me that is a no go!!
  • Be prepared to call a reference!: You may have the best written reference but there could be that one interviewer who may want to actually call up the person and see for themselves. Well could you imagine the embarrassment? but some do so be sure that the people you have down as a reference know you have them down and that they're okay with it.
  • Don't Panic! - I don't get too nervous really when it comes to interviews but I know for a fact some people really do and there's absolutely no need to do so. I see interviews like a casual chat with people and when you think of it that way then it's really nothing to worry about. Go in, be yourself (cleaner, politer self) but just keep calm and don't stress out. The interviewer may not always be nice but if they're not, and you don't get the course/job then you never see them again anyway so keep calm.
  • Make a good first impression!: When you first go to a company for an interview you probably won't know who will be interviewing you, so basically plant a big ass fake smile on your face and keep it there until you leave the building. 
One of the main things you should remember though is whether it goes good or not and if you get the job/course or not you can take away the experience of an interview AND of course remember, 
Everything happens for a reason!! 

Monday, 13 April 2015

Find Your Dream Job: Study Primary Teaching

There's very few girls in Ireland that can truthfully say that becoming a primary teaching never crossed their minds, it crossed mine, it crossed my mothers every single day of my nineteen years but I think becoming a primary teacher requires you to have something within you that drives you towards it. Many people fall out of the idea of primary teaching because of the HL Irish or the idea of children each and every day but for 19 year old Niamh O'Shea it's all she's ever wanted.
 Niamh is in her first year of primary teaching in Mary I, Limerick and really does love every minute. She also happens to be one of my most oldest and bestest school friends, so old in fact we once looked like this ------>
 Anyway, I chatted to Niamh to find out everything you need to know about becoming a primary school teacher.

For someone who doesn't know much about what this course is, how could you best describe it : It’s really about teaching you how to teach the subjects in a primary school, learning about classroom management and teaching techniques, psychology, with school placement every year.

What are the requirements for this course: Grade C3 on a Higher Level paper in not less than three subjects, Grade D3 in three other subjects (at Higher or Ordinary Level)

minimum grades in:  Irish: Grade C3 on the Higher Level Paper, English: Grade D3 on the Higher Level Paper or Grade C3 on the Ordinary Level paper, Maths : Grade D3 on the Higher or Ordinary Level Paper
The points for last year were 465

Where else can you study this course: St. Patrick’s College in Dublin, Marino Institute of Education, Maynooth University.

What were your expectations of this course before you began and did it live up to them: The content of the course is pretty much what I expected it to be like, although there are more readings and assignments to do than I thought which require a lot of time. I also expected that we would be mostly be taught how to teach and I didn't really think about what goes with that that we would learn about e.g. classroom management strategies, how to deal with a multitude of abilities in your class, how to teach in a multi-class setting (more than 1 class in a classroom) etc.

Is there anything about this course that shocked you: Most of this I said above- that there is a lot more to a primary teacher than just teaching- there are so many more skills you need to learn to acquire and you can test them out and practise on school placement as you have them each year.

What are the most important things you need to know about this course: That a lot of hours and hard work go in to preparation for School Placement and lesson plans! It’s also not just learning how to teach all of the subjects on the primary school curriculum, but also learning about the background and history of education, developmental and educational psychology of children, learning about ethical and moral issues in a classroom among many other areas.
There is also a trip to the Gaeltacht (you get to choose which one you go to) at the end of 1st and 3rd year for two weeks which is part of the course after which you have an oral exam back in the college.

What advice can you give someone hoping to follow your footsteps and get into this career: Work hard for the entry requirements for the course but it is not the end of the world if you don’t get primary teaching straight away as you can get into it through arts as well with lower points. You should also try to get some work experience in a school as even though we have all been in primary school, it’s a lot different when you’re not sitting at a desk and listening to a teacher.

Did you always know this was the career for you?: When I was in primary school, I knew it was what I wanted to do but when I reached secondary school, I started to re-think my options and thought about nursing among countless other careers. That was until I got work experience in a local primary school in T.Y. and loved every minute of it and I knew it was for me!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Conclusion: Find Your Dream Job

I started this series on the first day of April and I can truthfully say I think it's been one of the most enjoyable 'blog series' I've ever wrote. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to new, and very interesting people about their career and a real persons insights into the job they do.
 There are so many jobs I never even considered or heard about before I did this series but now I'm so much more informed and I hope you are too.
I really hope that this series has helped at least one person out there who was struggling to make an informed decision about what to put down on CAO, or even a person who had been considering changing a job has gotten some little bit of motivation from it.
 I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who's helped me out and who has given their time to speak about their careers to me. I've met some really great people and without them this series wouldn't have been possible so thanks to them.
 This is also where I'll archieve all this career series so in this post you will find every single career that's ever featured on my blog to help you find the one you're looking for. Simply click on the word and you'll be directed to the post you're looking for!! - Yes I know, I should be a careers teacher!!

Careers:                                                                                                              College Courses: 

Veterinary nursing:                                                                                              Social Care:
Cosmetic Retail Consultant:                                                                                 Teaching: 
Events and Promotions                                                                                        Journalism

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 4/12


I can't believe I'm writing about week 4 already,like literally pinch me!!! Time flies, I'm already one third of the way through, and with every week that passes I begin to love the course a little bit more. 
This week was the week our first assignment was due. As part of the assignment we had to write a running order, write a script and then record it and let me tell you, I was bricking it!!
We'd only practised reading the news once before and it was a disaster but it went better than last week thank the Lord.
We included a 'voicer' into our bulletins which is just simply another person reading a report during the bulletin.
It’s good to have another voice on the news bulletins because it adds a variety to it.

Reading for WLR is a lot slower than if you’re with BEAT. I think that it could be slightly easier with BEAT for me personally because your voice doesn't have to be as newsy, if that makes any sense? but no, it was good. I have so much respect for news readers now though, honest to God they make it look ridiculously easier than it is.

I love going into the studio though and putting the headphones on, it’s so surreal. You sound so different but there’s so much small detail that goes into recording the news piece. Positing the microphone is really important because if it’s straight in front of your mouth you can pick up on popping, I find it sounds better slightly downwards but that will come with experience I'm sure.

When our two minute piece was recorded we went back out to the rest of the class and Orla showed us the recorders. Interviewing is something I have a huge interest in so I tried to pay a lot of attention here. I’m used to interviewing people for my blog but I normally just use my Iphone. This recorder is much handier, it must be at -12 decimals when recording and if not you just need to move it until it is at -12.
I’m not the best at technology, not the best at all, I mean as in I struggle to turn on a laptop so I’m hoping I get the hang of the recorder easy enough.

One of the most important things you need with the recorder is the earphones!!! You cannot forget the earphones.
We then went outside in groups to have a listen to what it picks up. It’s crazy what you hear, the slightest thing can be picked up. There’s so much you need to consider, the surrounding is so important.
It’s also important to hold the recorder under the chin of the person about a hand away to prevent popping.
There’s different surroundings you need to steer clear from, such as 100% not in a kitchen, not near cars, not near a window! There’s a list of things that you need to pay attention too but once again that’s all stuff you’ll learn the more you’ll cop onto the surroundings.
It’s something you wouldn't ever consider though when listening to interviews.

Next week now is the week I’m not looking forward to at all and truly, I will really struggle with it. We’re doing editing out in WIT with Rob O'Connor. It'll be interesting anyway to say the least but shur look we'll give it a bash and see how it goes.
And on that note, week 4 is now completed!!

Monday, 6 April 2015

Find Your Dream Job: Marketing

June Carmody
Marketing is a career which can confuse a lot of people, me included. Before deciding to repeat my leaving cert to follow a career in media I was heading to college to study marketing and at that I wasn't fully sure what the course entailed. It's on that note I'm very excited to introduce my next guest blogger the lovely June Carmody from, a blog which I'm a huge fan of. I love June's blog and she's very kindly given us her time to speak about her career in marketing and giving us an insight into her profession.

Job Title: Marketing Manager and advisor. I essentially manage communication and work on ways of generating more business.
Description of your job, and the industry itself: I manage marketing for a post start-up stage web-based company called Memeoirs. I co-ordinate online activity including social media and ads plus write copy for blogs, emails, editorial and much more. Essentially, my role is about increasing the visibility of the company I work for. As it's web-based, it has its pros and cons - it is easy to work from anywhere (I work from Ireland and the company is Italian) and promote the company all over the world. On the other hand,  it can be a challenge when you don't have a physical presence such as a shop to showcase such a cool and amazing product.  

Moreover, since my studies, I have worked with over 15 small companies in the area of marketing. Essentially, my role has been to support small (and particularly start-up) companies if they need advice surrounding these areas. My focus is to enable them to execute effective campaigns themselves on low-budgets and offer support when it comes to communicating their message effectively. This work actually took me to Chile in 2013 where I worked with a number of start-ups from all over the world. 

Entry Routes: I have a degree in Linguistics and business however that wasn't super strong in terms of my entry to marketing jobs (marketing/business was my minor) therefore I did two internships following my studies to gain hands on experience. I'd recommend people to get some experience if they can. I made the decision to do an internship (then another) instead of doing a masters and didn't regret it. I haven't been without work since completion of my second internship. The best advice I'd give would be to have goals in terms of what you want from an internship and ensure you can tick those boxes from the one you get accepted for. Get as much from it as the company you're working for. 

 What's a typical day of work like for you: I get up at 6.30/7, spend some time posting to social media. I then go for a run and have breakfast. I start work at 8am as I am most productive in the mornings. I work through until 12 then take a short walk, run some errands and eat lunch. I like to be back to work by 1 so I can finish early and get on with other tasks. I work from home which is a blessing on my time (no commute) and I have some flexibility. From 5.30, I either blog, clean, cook or do something creative to chill me out. 

The best part of the job:I get to be creative, have loads of variation and have the power to really influence another business. Marketing needs to generate results and essentially, affect the bottom line. It's very satisfying to see what you're doing is paying off.
The worst part of the job: At times, it can be pressurised. For the same reason I love it, I can sometimes find it tough. You're constantly doing something, having to come up with ideas and generate decent results. 

What are some of the most important things you need to know about this job?: You need to know how to write. For me, that's number one. I write so much content weekly and that won't ever change so be passionate about it and constantly try to improve. Also, you have to be flexible. There are many facets to marketing so it's important to be able to adapt and take on something new. Technology is constantly changing so be prepared for the "next big thing".

What kind of expectations did you have on this job before you got into it, and did it live up to them?: I didn't really know. I thought I'd be making TV ads for Coca Cola. To be honest, what I do is so much better as I learn everyday and get to try new campaigns. I'm fortunate enough that I am always surrounded by super-creative and innovative people so that helps.

Finally What advice can you give people breaking into the industry?: I would say to keep reading up on the latest marketing campaigns, trends and resources. Know your stuff, develop a passion for it and be sure you like it as it can be testing at times. Above all, be sure to value experience whenever you can get it as you're constantly learning. Be like a sponge.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Find Your Dream Job: Study Journalism

Marisa Kennedy
Twitter: @marisak96 Blog:
She's only in her first year studying journalism and media in the University of Limerick but she's already the chief sports writer for, she's the sports editor for An Focal, a regular news reader on UL FM, had pieces published in some of the biggest publications in the country AND she's only nineteen, Marisa Kennedy from Lorrha, Tipperary has made shock waves through the journalism community and she's here to give you her insights into what it's really like to be a Journalism student.

For someone who doesn't know much about what this course is, how could you best describe it:
This course is very much based on print journalism, that is newspapers. It involves a lot of writing in first year where they teach you the main writing skills of journalism as opposed to creative writing. You also learn how to layout a paper and design the pages. You choose two elective subjects to study from a list of history, sociology, politics, law, English literature, economics or a language, one of which you will keep on till 4th year. You also do a social media module in the second semester which is really interesting.

What are the entry requirements for this course:
The points for this course were 365 in 2014. In addition to this you need a B3 in higher level English in the Leaving Cert or equivalent. If you want to study a language as one of your electives you need a B3 in that language in the Leaving Cert or else you can start that language from scratch.

Where else can you study this course:
Journalism can also be studied in DIT, DCU and as an addition to an Arts degree in NUIG.
What are the possible outcomes of this course(What jobs could you have):
This course will enable you to work as a journalist in print, online or broadcast journalism. You can also apply the skills learned to the role of an editor/ sub-editor.

What were your expectations of this course before you began and did it live up to them:
I think this course has exceeded my expectations. Having always wanted to follow a career in broadcast journalism, I didn’t think I would enjoy a course that is heavily based on writing in first year but I do. There are so many brilliant opportunities like seminars with broadcast journalists such as Bryan Dobson and Fergal Keane as well as societies such as UL FM to broaden your understanding of journalism that all students are encouraged to get involved with.

Is there anything about this course that shocked you:
I think the lack of hours shocked me. I only have 15 hours this year but we’re encouraged to get involved with writing and gaining experience and building our portfolios outside of our hours. For example, I got involved with, Ireland’s largest student website and I also got involved with the GAA club here in UL, going to matches and reporting on them so I’m always keep busy. From the very first day in first year, students are encouraged to get their names out there and write, write, write, which will help us gain a good place for our work experience in third year.

What are the most important things you need to know about this course:
The main thing that drew me to this course was the third year. In third year you go on work experience for the first semester and on Erasmus for the second semester. In fourth year you will do what’s called a Final Year Project which will involve all the fourth year and masters students producing a paper.

What advice can you give someone hoping to follow your footsteps and get into this career:
I think the main thing I can say is get experience. Go to a local paper, radio station, TV station for a day. Write pieces and send them to papers, the worst they can say is no and you try again. Start a blog it really helps improve your writing skills. Because at the end of the day, the degree will help but it’s the experience that will count.. Well that’s my opinion anyway!

Did you always know this was the career for you/background behind it:
No I didn’t. In TY it was suggested to me but I want through a crisis of confidence thinking nobody would be interested in what I have to say so I researched every option from teaching to physio to event management to business! But eventually I settled on journalism but I was still really nervous. I had no real experience in journalism and didn’t know what to expect from the course even though I’d done loads of research on it. But from the very first day I knew it was the right course for me. I really love it.