Saturday, 21 March 2015

My daily skincare routine

Yes, I'm in badly need of a brow wax and
the failed attempt at dry shampoo.
Something I have begin to take very serious in life is my skin, at the end of the day it's your canvas and the way you take care of your skin as a teenager will have a huge impact when you're older. Like most girls there are days (okay 5/7 days) when my skin looks terrible and I've no choice but to cover it in make up not to benefit anyone else but to make myself feel better. I always have blemishes with my skin and no matter what I do it seems they're here to stay but if I stop with my daily routine, even for two days my skin is three times worse than it is now which is why I feel so strongly about taking care of my skin the way it is now. On my recent night out in Limerick, my skin routine suffered for 3 days and I had one of the worst breakouts ever so now I'm back to the grindstone and putting the routine back into action.
 I used to be very unconfident when it came to my skin, I would rarely leave the house without makeup, I mean I would literally have to be forced to leave without makeup but these days, I refuse to wear makeup on the weekdays unless there's something on but I mainly just have grinds so there's literally no point.
I won't lie I love putting on makeup and I 100% think making the effort is important but I think if you've come to a stage where you can't leave the house without makeup, then that's not okay! and that's how I once was. As a matter of fact when those 'bare faced selfies' came around I almost had a heart attack and could barely bring myself to do my own, but now once you take care of your skin and you feel comfortable that's all that matters and I could take a bare faced selfie everyday and not even flinch!!
I use very cheap products that you can find in any chemist across the country and I've decided to talk you through what I do everyday including the products everything I use on a daily basis.

1. Firstly if I have any make up on I remove it with a wet wipe, Johnston baby wipes are what I use but any wet wipe I can get my hands on is perfect. When I come home from a night out I always try get my makeup off they say it's vital but there are some nights I just...I can't even, but it's usually just a baby wipe and it works perfect to remove the excess makeup.

2.Next I use a foam wash from clean and clear and it is amazing!! It's the one product I would recommend to everyone with any kind of skin. I first used this as prep for the Debs last August, I began using it two weeks before the debs and it was amazing stuff. I use it first thing in the morning and it wakes me straight up and makes my skin feel better straight away, not to mention it smells amazing!! I get mine in Sam Mccauley's chemist for €6.90 and use it religiously twice a day.
You simply use one pump and rub it into a damp face then you wash it off, simple as.

3. Next comes the cleanser and toner and the ones I use are cheap as chips and I get them from Aldi supermarket and they come in at around €2 for each. I love the Aldi brand mainly for the smell, it's the nicest scent I've ever smelt but unfortunately the cleanser ran out on me so I'm just using one from the chemist. No 7 are also a great brand for cleanser but as toners stand, I wouldn't pass Aldi.
I also tend to go for the Boots brand now and then, both the cleanser and the toner smell of cucumber and they're really light on the skin , it's also part of the 3 for €4 range so I pick it up with an eye gel and where would you be going wrong with €4!! 
With a cleanser it's a moisturiser like substance that you apply to your skin with a cotton pad and you then wipe off with a cotton pad, then with a toner you use a cotton pad and just apply to the face and down the neck.

4.Next is the serum, I'm back to Aldi again for this one comes in at around €4.99 and it's fantastic. A serum is packed with vitamins and nutrients which is great for your skin and immediately makes skin softer and more nourished. A serum is usually for people from twenties and upwards but I've been using it all year and I can't go without it. If your skin is any bit dry a serum is the perfect thing for you.
With a serum you just apply it to your face and neck and leave it soak in exactly like you'd do with a moisturiser.
5. NEXT is the moisturiser and I'm sure I don't need to explain how to use this product. I'm currently on the hunt for my new perfect moisturiser since my old favourite OXY isn't made any more but I recently got a sample of Avenno and fell in love from the second it touched my skin. I just bought a big bottle in Boots for €5.99 and it's lasting a while. I don't just use it on my face either, down my neck, on my arms and on the hands!!!

Everything I've listed above I do twice a day, first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. All together it takes about 10 minutes but it really is worth it.

6.This is the very last step and I only do it in the night before bed and that is the very old trusty sudocrem.You will not come to my house and not see sudocrem somewhere it's my God sent for me just put a small blob on any spot or blemish and in the morning it's gone..well, at least gone down in size at least.

So that is my step by step daily routine, of course there are times I skip some, and sometimes I might wash/moisturize my face up to four times a day but it's all up to yourself. I also know you're supposed to wear sunscreen everyday without fail BUT that makes my skin look extremely oily but come May it'll be constantly on my face.

As Vanessa Hudgens once said:
 ''I've learned to be okay with myself without wearing makeup. I started taking care of my skin and realized I didn't need as much as I thought I did''

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  1. Sudocrem is a life saver!!! x