Thursday, 19 March 2015

Lá Naomh Pádraig i Luimneach

Limerick Forever
I LOVE Saint Patrick's day I always have and I always will, I mean how can't you love Saint Patricks day if you're Irish? It's a whole day to celebrate us, yes I really do love Paddy's day and this year I tried something different.
I usually like to stay at home for Paddy's day, there's just something about the buzz around my small town this time of the year, there's a small parade and it's the perfect opportunity to meet up with the lads, but this year I tried something different and I went to see what my favourite city, Limerick had to show for itself.. and to also see what the Limerick night life had to show for itself and lets just say I wasn't disappointed ;-)

I couldn't wait for my day in Limerick, I got up on Tuesday at the regular 6am, the bus not leaving until 9:10 but I've said it before and I'll say it again.. I need my tea in the morning and if I'm not relaxed with my tea for at least 40 minutes before getting ready then quite frankly, I will crack.
After deciding anyway we were probably going to miss the bus, myself and Carrie sprinted over the town with our extremely large suitcases and dry slice of toast, but we made it.. and with tonnes of time to spare...I know bus Eireann late, who'd have thought it!!

When we finally arrived in Limerick Niamh brought us out to her apartment in Mary Immaculate college, and it was odd.I don't want to offend anyone but it wasn't really my cup of tea. All 80 students share the same kitchen and sitting room and as much as I'd like that, in a way..I know I really wouldn't.
All of Niamh's housemates are lovely though and I suppose it doesn't matter where you're living once you've great company but as far as Mary I is... not for me.
The time had FINALLY come for me to see the Paddy's day parade in a big city and I couldn't wait. I love the parade, there's nothing better than a parade and oh guess what...we didn't get to see it. My 'lovely' - I'm joking I love them friends decided we'd get food our food before the parade as to avoid the rush afterwards and so to my relecuntacy I missed the entire thing...

Angel Lane
Even with all that excitement I could not wait until the time had come to spend my first night out in Limerick, and more importantly!! ANGEL LANE!!!!!
I had never been out in Limerick nor had I ever been out in a city before so I was expecting a huge difference and you know what?, there really wasn't much! It's the same craic everywhere you go really except you don't know every single person in the building, which yes I do thoroughly enjoy. 
We had our pre-drinks and began getting ready which was so much fun, because the rooms are so close everyone can just wander from room to room so getting ready is some craic, until of course it came to getting dressed and I realised I had no dress- 'That's it, I'm not going out now, I've no clothes. I lost my bloody dress, it fell out of my case' I was like a raging bull and so I had no choice but to wear the clothes I wore all day.. I know, classy.

Emma <3
Angel Lane, although it doesn't look much from the outside is one of the most loved nightclubs in Limerick, it has three floors, five bars, a massive dance floor, it's just definitely not the disco in town.
It wasn't even as packed as I imagined it would be, but that being said you could probably have four times the population of Carrick inside there it was amazing!! 
Even though I was in Limerick, and I know a total of nine people actually in Limerick (yeah I'm including Conor Murray and Mike Sherry in that.... because I can;)) I still made friends and they're some craic.
My fave, Sarah <3
Like I said Niamh's housemates, I knew most of the girls because I went to school with them, but Sarah and Aoife were so nice and so friendly and even in Angel Lane I met Emma.. Girls are fab!!
I can honestly say I've never experienced anything like my trip to Mary I and Angel Lane, as much as I loved growing up in a small town I can't wait to move to a big city for college.
Next on my Limerick city bucket list is 'The Icon' and 'Molly's' two places I'm dying to try out!!
Is breá liom Luimneach agus ní féidir liom fanacht go dtí gur féidir liom bogadh ann. Tá súil agam go raibh tú iontach lá Saint Pádraig  

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