Friday, 20 March 2015

Introduction To Broadcast Journalism, Radio and presenting course week 1/12

Like I mentioned before I've just been accepted into a twelve week evening course in association with Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), WRL fm and BEAT 102 103. It's a twelve week course in radio, broadcast journalism and presenting and lastWednesday was my very first week in the course.
As part of the course we have to keep a weekly account of what we got up to that week so I decided I would also keep it going on my blog and let all of you follow in the course too.
 The course itself is a level 6 and is directed by Rob O'Connor and Orla Rapple, two Beat presenters so we're really getting some amazing advice from them already, they're both incredible presenters so I'm delighted to be taught by both of them.
Orla presents the 'Sunday Grill' on Beat which is actually one of my most favourite shows on air so I can't believe she's actually teaching us.

I was actually quite nervous going into the course, I Can't imagine why you wouldn't be though on your first day of 'college' but it was actually quite good. We didn't have the opportunity to bond as a group yet but I've no doubt when we get into the studio we'll all start mixing quite well. Everyone is really interested in radio in general so when you've 16 people all into the same thing there's bound to be a good laugh.
As it was our first night it was quite introductory so I don't have too much to tell you. We really looked into radio and what it meant to people and of course the different mediums of radio. Then we did a quiz, uhh ohh... 'there's no wrong answers' says Rob and Orla that's until mine we're called out. I thought I knew a fair bit about radio but when it came to RTÉ and the shows they have on air I was lost, not a clue.
I'm very into my commercial radio stations like Beat and Spin South West  but not so much other ones so my task this week is to begin listening to other stations.

Next week we're moving onto news and news bulletins which truthfully I'm quite nervous about. If you know me, you'll know I don't have the poshest voice and to be honest if I was reading out the news I'd turn myself off. I'm not really interested in ever being a newsreader so I am quite nervous to start that BUT we're out in the broadcast centre next week so I'm equally as excited.

By the end of the course we're expected to have made our very own show which is ridiculously exciting but I have to admit I am dreading the editing side of things. Anything technology based does not agree with me! and that is a promise but the show itself is an amazing idea, I can't wait.
We really have to think about the show we wish to create and for me I'm thinking of a breakfast show/magazine programme which are really lighthearted nothing serious and that's the route I'd love to go down but by the end of this course you never know I might want to be a editor?!!
Other people could do music shows, political shows there seems like a good mix of us so I can't wait to see how it goes next week out in the studios.
I'll keep weekly posts to inform  you on the course so check back next week where I'll be here again, and any questions just let me know :)

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