Sunday, 15 March 2015


Guess who's back back back...back again gain...Lynda's back back back...tell a friend.
I'm delighted to announce to you all that I am back and for good, after what has felt like years I'm finally  back and oh yes it feels good.
If this is your first time reading Little Piece Of Lynda... then I've been writing LPL since 2013 and I'm just back from a 3 week break as I took time off from writing to try concentrate on my career and what career path I want to follow.I decided I wasn't coming back until I had my career plan and well, long story short I'm still as confused as I was 3 weeks ago but I've decided to fill you all in and explain to you why I left in the first place.

As many people know It's been a dream of mine for years now to study journalism and media and then go onto become a radio presenter but recently something clicked in me and made me question whether this really was the career path for me? and the answer is, I still don't know? I felt as if I was beginning to hate writing and loosing all the passion I had towards it, it felt more like a chore for me and not enjoyable at all. When it came to my blog it broke my heart giving it up I gave it a break on the Friday and by Sunday I was beginning to miss it, by the Monday I was already drafting posts to publish but I just knew I needed to see my life without the blog since it had been such a huge part since I was seventeen and trust me, it was strange.
When I was recently reading back over the blog I realised I used to love writing the funny stories especially when they were personal and that's what I enjoyed the most but then I felt like my blog, my little blog which I made for fun was becoming so stereotypical and common that I just didn't enjoy it anymore. It became stressful, I would be constantly on the laptop, replying to and sending about 20 emails a day, everything was based around the writing which I thought I was going to love but it actually made it less enjoyable and made me question a career where I'm constantly writing so I took the step back and took the break from the blog and I definitely don't regret doing it.

When I realised that I didn't think the career was for me anymore I freaked out, I couldn't handle it. I knew exactly what I wanted to do all my life, I had my plan and I always need a plan. I understand when most girls are 16-18 they have no idea what they want to do with their life but I did, I was the lucky one that knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I was going to get there so when I got to nineteen and realised oh crap, I'm running out of time and now I didn't know what I want to do with my life, I couldn't handle it and I freaked. Not to mention I spoke about it so publicly that when I realised it might not for me I was embarrassed. I appeared on the radio telling hundreds of listeners how much I wanted this career and now to not know, it was embarrassing.
I turned to my friend Aoibhe Devlin of and had a big chat with her about what I was feeling and my confusion and it helped me so much. Aoibhe sent me some amazing quotes and I just think by chatting to a friend who has been through what you're going through can really help so if you're in a similar position as to what I was then the first thing I'd recommend is chatting to a friend about it.
 I then set up an appointment with my career guidance teacher and chatted about other options with her which also helped me a lot. I bounced off different ideas but I am genuinely consider secondary teaching at the moment, it really is an option which I didn't ever think would be even a possibility but once you open your mind to things anything can be an option.

So as of now I'm as confused as I always was but I'm still really considering a career in the media, I can never forget the feeling I get whenever I walk into a radio station but a career in writing probably isn't on the top of my agenda and as I never fully wanted to be a journalist anyway I don't really think studying journalism is the best option for me.
However when I was away something very exciting did happen for me and that's, that I am now a student in Waterford Institute of Technology studying broadcast journalism and radio presenting so It's very exciting. It's a 12 week course to break me into the career and I'll see if it's for me, I'm excited to see if it helps me make a better decision on my career.I'm starting on Wednesday so I'll keep you posted on it.
Really the possibilities are endless so I'm just looking forward to the adventure ahead for me. I've never not known where I want to go in life and it feels weird but there is a sense of excitement to it also.
For the time being anyway I'm continuing with the blog but just taking it one step at a time! I've some very exciting posts on the arising too so keep an eye out and even some competitions to ease you back in and what do you think of my new header??? Let me know ...
But for the mean time....


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