Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines day?? NO WAY! It's drool over Conor Murray day!!

Myself and Conor Murray.
If you know me at all you'll know my love for Munster rugby player Conor Murray, and if you know me very well and happen to be in my company today, February 14th you'll also know that it's me and Conor's third year first interaction anniversary! I know, I know, special day. 
Some may say it was a sign, meant to be...I would tend to agree, so without further ado, I'll begin to explain the day myself and Conor first interacted with each other.
Okay, Okay there's not much of a 'story' behind it, but I own a banner... a big banner..a 6 foot 2 banner for Conor. It's red and says 'Murray..Scrum Half Of The Century' and yes, it is as embarrassing as it seems, as a matter of fact here is a picture of the banner!! -> 
Don't judge me I was only sixteen, I didn't know any better!!
Anyway, I took a picture of this banner and sent it to Conor asking him if he liked it... spelling everything drastically, but Valentines day, 7:33pm..Eastenders had just begun, my phone buzzed @ConorMurray09 popped up... and so our story unfolds...  
Well I never, the excitement I felt was un natural as I rang every single person in my phone book telling them Conor Murray interacted with me. Not to mention when I went back to school the next day!!
Anyway, little did I know that this is where it was all about to begin as I caught my first glimpse of Conor two months later at a match in Cork, then finally got to meet the legend in the flesh a month after the match...and what a day it was. Little did I know that three years on, I'd be on good terms with Conor and can actually have a civil conversation with the legend!!
Anyway, with the day that's in it I decided to reminisce on some of my favourite moments with the Munster God and here they are... He's some man!!
This is when Conor saw the banner in the flesh.
My lucky rugby ball signed by Conor... until Mursher got at it.
When he knew my name was with a 'y' and not an 'i'
No caption needed.. *cough* miss!!!!
When we both appeared in a Limerick magazine for 'tweet of the week'...What are the chances!!! - Tiz a sign!!!

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