Thursday, 5 February 2015

Take Me There: Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

With no extreme love for Florida, but a extreme love for space, the Kennedy Space Centre is the next stop on my 'Take Me There' section, and this is one place I really want you to take me too...
 For me, this would be a dream holiday, not so much Florida, I mean maybe we could go to Miami and then a day trip out to the Space centre, yes that does sound perfect doesn't it!!
I won't lie to you and say I know all about what goes on here, and what we'll actually do here BUT I know we can do a space tour and explore the centre and you can even drive past the launch pad!!!
Not only all that, but we can also do the 'experience' tour where you can feel like you're really in a rocket going to space. AND you can even have lunch with an astronaut, I know why are we still here?!!!!!!
You can do your own research on the website 
I'll start packing!!

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  1. Oh really AoĆ­fe, I'm so jealous!!
    What did you do there? What kind of tour did you get? :)