Thursday, 19 February 2015

Internet Trolls

What Gives You The Right???

One of the biggest unwritten rules of the media industry is you have to give yourself a thick skin, trust me it's one of the biggest parts of the media industry. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion but is it really right be forever making judgement over the Internet?
The idea for this post came to me when I was reading through the comments on a piece I wrote for, reading through the comments is something I like to gear away from but it's something you just can't help yourself but do.
On every single post you'd publish there will ALWAYS, without fail be one person who will pick away at a story until they find something wrong and bring you up on it, which can be quite hurtful. Most comments are innocent, views on the post but there's always one, ALWAYS THE ONE.
If there's nothing wrong with it, they'll still make judgement. Maybe it's some sort of news story they already know, or maybe it's news they don't care about there is always the one and as a 'journalist' it's something I now deal with on a daily basis, and to be honest...I don't like it.

When writing my blog I don't really get negative feedback, mainly because I think people who read blogs are easy going, they understand personal pieces and don't leave mean comments but when you're writing on a much larger,a more public scale the comments people make towards you and your pieces is appalling and what I don't understand is what people get from this.
I've always been quite a confident person in the terms that what people say doesn't really affect me at all, so I'm very lucky that way but I can't lie and say it doesn't hurt when out of 100 comments 30 could be negatives and mainly for the reason a person doesn't like the news piece so the writer gets slaughtered, something every journalist out there has to go through on a daily basis.
Journalism to me is trying to discover the truth and present the truth to the public, but they're one of the groups that get the biggest reaction from the general public, people hate journalists but at the end of the day we're only doing our job.
When someone doesn't like what you wrote they will slam you, I've never gotten extremely hurtful comments but I see other writers who get crucified for their own opinion pieces, I strongly believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion (even though I'm the type of person who thinks I'm always right you don't have to agree with their opinion, but don't comment and insult the writer.. what does it gain you?

Obviously it's not just journalists that are open to internet trolls, people in the public eye are extremely open to it in the likes of models, actors, sport stars, I have to agree with people when they say 'it's part of their job' because a 'celebrity' life they thrive off media attention. The likes of Kim Kardashian, who would she be without the media? but that being said I don't think it's right.
When it comes to big big celebrities I think it's what they're used to, but for smaller local celebrities I think it's so very hard and I don't like it at all.
Take model Holly Carpenter for example, I recently got to speak to Holly on behalf of and she told me about her online abuse. As Holly's in the media industry she regularly logs online to see people leave nasty comments on her instagram and twitter accounts. I couldn't imagine having to deal with getting such negatives things tweeted to me on a daily basis, and for no reason other than doing her job.
I understand that sometimes things journalists write get a reaction but why a girl just doing her job, minding her own business... why is it people can't keep their negatives comments to themselves, or at least not tag the receiver. No one should have to log onto their personal accounts to see people who follow them sending abuse.

At the end of the day, we're human and I know for one us girls love a bit of a bitch but I think something we can all try to learn is to think before we speak or in this case type, you don't always have to agree with someones opinions but don't slate them online for it... not cool man, not cool.

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