Thursday, 12 February 2015

How to do Valentines Day as a singleton

HAHA Valentines day.
Well Saturday's the big day, the day where you're reminded that you're single and no one wants you. You're hopeless in the romance side of life and will be forever more because let's face it, no one wants to be alone for Valentine's day so IF anyone was secretly in love with you they would have already admitted it to you. Realistically you might as well get the ice cream, put on sad music, maybe even the titanic lock yourself in a dark room and cry all day hugging a pillow, only way to get through it.

And if you haven't already coped on, I'm only joking hahaha and if that actually describes how you feel today then you need to slap yourself in the face, get the girls, blare up the tunes and have a dancing competition. The way I see Valentines day, it's a day that people spend €5/€6 on a card, more money on a small teddy bear holding a heart that says 'love' a cheap box of chocolates and then maybe a few roses. Can you honestly lie to me and say you'd like that?! No way rosé.
Anyway, I'm far too busy for a relationship, far too busy!! I'm a career driven woman, no time for them.. except Conor Murray, the career can wait for him..... ;-)
As a side note, Valentines Day (Feb 14th) marks the three year mark since I had my first ever interaction with Conor Murray, yes you heard me right.. on twitter, I sent Conor a picture of my banner and he replied with 'very cool' - oh how it was forever meant to be... well so I tell myself haha

Luckily for me all my friends are without men so we can spend Valentines the way it should be spent, by having fun!!!!
So with that being said, I took it upon my myself to think up of alternatives to do on Valentines day because well, I just wouldn't recommend going to the disco on Valentines night....
So here are some ideas for you singletons out there:

1. Cry
2. Get drunk
3. Phone your ex
4. Listen to Sam Smith with the lights off (or anyone sad...Kings of Leon could work...)
5. Finally, report every lovey dovey photo posted to instagram
Yes, Yes I am joking... I do not recommend doing any of them so here is my real list of suggestions!! I hope you find something to suit you :)

  1. Host a fondue party: This I like the sound of, everyone likes chocolate dipped strawberries and marshmallows and well anything that can be dipped in chocolate, so why not grab the girls, grab the chocolate and have this kind of party.. *cough* chocolate goes well with white wine *cough cough*
  2. Organise a battle of the sexes: This is something I could see going amazing, or going terrible but why not set up a few group activities where it's the males VS the females. Whether it be tennis on the Wii or beer pong, it sounds good doesn't it!!
  3. Host a VERY scary movie marathon: When we normally have movie nights the scariest film we'd watch is 'The Strangers' but this time why not go OTT on scary?! I can't really recommend any terrifying films but one I did hate was the Chernobyl diaries.. not cool at all but hey! you can't think of love when you're terrified.
  4. Bake: Get a few heart shaped cookie cutters and bake, bake, bake then when you're done deliver them to friends! Valentines day can be about celebrating the love you have for friends too so why not cheer up lonesome, desperate, heartbroken friends.
  5. Host an Anti-Valentine's party- This is perfect for all your single friends, why not get together and have a big party! Plus Valentines falls on a Saturday night so it's perfect!! You don't have to be aggressive about it but no talk of love, or happiness..haha I'm joking! Listen to anti love music like 'black thumbnail' by Kings Of Leon... well, it doesn't remind me of love when I listen to it?!!
  6. Treat yourself- Look if you were in a relationship you would be spending all your money on them, anything up to €50! so why not spend it on yourself? Take the day out, go shopping, get your nails done. Do anything you want, for yourself!!

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