Thursday, 19 February 2015

Can't Stop Listening Too - Milky Chance

You all know by this stage that I love my music. It's something I can't go a day without thinking about especially since I got Beats as a Christmas present, I'm forever in my own world with my headphones in and with that I'm always on the look out for new songs to play.
My taste in music varies, I go from Kings Of Leon to Iggy Azalea to the Gipsy Kings one can not possibly say I have a music 'type' I like it, I like it simple as, but that being said there's one style of music I don't normally like, and that is 'Brannigan music'. My good friend is very much into his techno and electronic and for me, it's not normally something I can tolerate but the other night this song was put on (to keep the peace) and five days on, I'm obsessed.
Have a listen here and let me know what you make of it.

Milky Chance -Flashed Junk Mind (filous remix)

For me, I hear this song and I can almost feel the summer, it's creeping up!!! I picture summer evenings out my back garden, the rabbits back together but I also see Limerick, my favourite city!! A weekend away, a day in the city.. I think it's such a can I say it? pretty song??? I love it!!! Well done Brannigan!!

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