Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Take Me There: Honolulu, Hawaii

My newest section to the blog is called 'Take Me There', a post I'll be writing during the week of places I'd most like to visit in the World and starting today is the home of my favourite TV show Hawaii Five-O and it's capital city Honolulu, and isn't it gorgeous!!!
I'm the type of person who wants to go to places with adventure, and places to go and visit, once in a lifetime places, but with Hawaii..I want to go there for no reason other than it's gorgeous!!!
However, that being said I wouldn't say no to sunset beach yoga, or watching the sunset from the Magic Island and of course, test my arm at surfing!!!
So basically, if anyone wants to come to Honolulu with me, please enquire within, I'm heaps of fun!!
AND.... my future husband just so happens to live there... Mr Steve Mcgarrett...
So, when do we book?!!!

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