Thursday, 29 January 2015

OXY Seaweed Power Deep Calm Balm Review

Believe it or not, I picked up this little gem by accident in Sam Macaulay's chemist one day. It was reduced from €7.95 to €3.97 and it is the best moisturiser I have ever come across.
 When I'm picking a moisturiser I tend to look for lighter ones as I feel thicker ones leave my skin looking oilier than it is, and obviously takes longer to soak in when I just want to rush in and apply my primer and foundation. I usually go for a 'simple' one, ones that aren't harsh on young skin.
 However, since discovering this moisturiser I wouldn't go past it again. It's has a remarkable impact on my skin and I am very impressed.
 The moisturiser itself isn't very heavy,but from what I'm used to I'd describe it as heavier. It has a peculiar scent to it, not unpleasant in the slightest but not a scent I love to smell everyday, however the scent vanishes from skin almost immediately as does the product itself. It soaks into the skin within a minute and you're then left with a perfect base for your foundation as many people use it as the 'perfect' primer.
I personally don't as I like to use catrice primer, and a serum under the moisturiser but from my first use I fell in love with the OXY moisturiser.
It leaves your skin feeling incredible silky and my skin has never been as soft or smooth as it is now. The product also has natural seaweed and pro vitamin B5 in, so perfect for sensitive skin.
It also helps reduce the bacteria which causes spots and reduces redness.
If I go out in the wind without make up on my cheeks get EXTREMELY red, they burn up but the minute I come in it's straight to OXY and immediately reduces my ehm 'rosy' cheeks.

About The Product:
The product itself is an oil free moisturiser, built to help acne prone skin and reduces redness with its natural seaweed and vitamin B, which us Irish people don't tend to get enough of anyway!!
As it's oil free, it doesn't leave a wet or 'greasy' look on your skin. It's used to unblock pores and it makes skin so soft and silky.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this product.
I love my make up and rarely left the house without make up, but since using this product twice daily, it's given me a lot of confidence and I can now leave the house without a scrap of make up on a regular basis!!
It may not suit all types of skin, but for me.. two thumbs up 100%!!

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