Sunday, 4 January 2015

My Offical New Year

I brought in New Years a little differently this year and when I say little, I'm lying. My new years eve 2014 was completely backways and officially celebrated on January 3rd, at 11pm and in my house. No pub, very little alcohol and my best friends.
I was too sick on the 'real' new years to go out, which broke my heart. I love going out on NYE, it's the best night to go out. So I figured why not have a belated one with my friends and that's exactly what we did and you know what?It was great.
There was a quiz, music, connect four and balloon painting, all before we discovered the selfie stick, and of course there was arguments .. what do you expect with a bunch of friends? but at the end of the day, I was blessed to bring in the new year with the best bunch of friends anyone could ever ask for, even though we tried bring it in every fifteen minutes from nine o'clock.
There's one thing though that always gets us... ALWAYS...
and that is setting off a sky lantern, we've done it a few times now, and most likely a disaster but this time, after a few failed attempts and two burned casualties they were off, and there's no better feeling than making your wish and watch it head off into the sky.
First things first, it had to be signed by all remaining participants.. some bigger than others...
When it was signed, it was finally time to launch our lantern, and that's where the difficulty started. I got burnt.. thought I'd have to be rushed to A&E, until more wax spilled on another friend and suddenly.. my burn wasn't so bad, but we ploughed on anyway..
Off it went, not even a hitch about t it, until suddenly...
It began making it's way back may not seem like a big deal but when Mursher's (my dog) kennel is close, there's no room for errors!!
Finally, we had lift off and watched the breeze carry our lantern off out into the atmosphere, Carrie of course wondering would it actually reach the moon..
You get lost in the moment watching it float away, it's almost as if time stands still and there's even the odd emotion comes out, but quickly we were brought back to our senses and back inside.
The whole night thought me a lot about friendship, and how blessed I am to have my friends. Of course there's the fall outs, and the ups and downs but that's what friendship is all about.
It was 100% worth the wait!!
Happy Belated New Year Everyone!!!

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