Monday, 12 January 2015

My Favourite Apps

I'm not one for technology, as a matter of fact I couldn't even pass ECDL in school but there's no point denying technology isn't a huge part of my life, especially now since I have a blog. I've no excuse but to play with technology everyday, mainly in the shape of my 'chromebook' - the fancy word for my laptop, and my Iphone.
My Iphone is always by my side, even though it's not in the best shape (aka. the light on the back won't turn off/ It dies at 40% and sometimes it turns off and won't turn back on for hours) but one thing is for sure, I could not live without my Iphone!! As much as I say I hate them, I NEED it.
Obviously phones are nothing without apps, so I've put together my list of top apps, well 'my top 7 apps'.

1. Snapchat: Snapchat is the best, I love snapchat and if you don't have it you need to take a long hard look at yourself. I find it's the easiest way to contact close friends as it takes seconds and you can now type messages which makes it so convenient. I still don't know if 'bestfriend's' were the best ideas, but I'm not gonna lie getting not so attractive snaps of my friends on a daily basis... makes me happy.
2. Heads Up: Last year Ellen Degeneres brought out an app called 'Head's up'. It's similar to a game of charades where the person places the phone on their head whilst their person tries to describe the word/person on their head.
I personally love this game, it's brought me and my friends hours of amusement but it isn't free, I think it cost around €1.99 but I can't remember. What I love about this is it actually takes a video so you can watch it back. However their is free versions of this game you can download from the App Store.

3. IMusic: It's the best app for listening to music on phones, quicker than YouTube and has almost EVERY song you could look for. You can save your favourite songs and even make playlists, comes in handy when you're a pleb like me and can't understand how to put music onto phones.
Once a song is 'cached' onto your phone you have it with or without internet which is so handy, and by leaving the bar fill up it's automatically 'cached'. I love it.

4. Instagram: I expressed my love for this app numerous times but I'll do it once again, I bloody LOVE it.
It's literally your own online personal scrapbook and I just adore it. You can follow me by clicking here :)
5. Instasize: This picture app is perfect for keeping pictures at their original size and keeping everyone in the pictures. We've all been there, you take the most incredible picture, go to put it on instagram and realise it's too big and people are cut out and the incredible side has vanished. Instasize is perfect for keeping the original pic and easy for profo pics and sticking pics up on Instagram.
6. The Obvious Apps: Obviously, I need my gmail app, my google, twitter, facebook and messenger apps. They're essential parts of my life, and you know what's extremely sad about my life? I've gotten to a stage where I could deal without facebook/twitter, but take away my gmails... I would die.. DIE.

7. RTE Player:Listen I'd be lying if I said this wasn't one of my most used apps. As much as I hate admitting it (and I'm a Emmerdale and Corrie girl anyway) but I need my Eastenders. If I was going somewhere I'd catch up on the episode whilst getting ready. I'd especially rely on my RTE player morning's I'm going to Limerick.

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