Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Limerick Live

Last Monday I wrote a post which has probably been my biggest successful post ever, not because it received the most views (which it didn't) but because of the feedback I've received and the opportunities that have risen from it (Irish Education System)
The edited edition was published in the Limerick Leader, and I was then contacted by Limerick's no.1  radio station Limerick Live95 fm to come on air and discuss my opinions on the system, and debate it with a journalism student in Galway, obviously I jumped at the chance as I appeared on air earlier this morning.
The thing that made me laugh the most was that, in my previous post about the education system, I included this picture of Conor Murray in the Limerick Live studio and that's where I actually was this morning. Speaking on air in the same studio. It was great!!
It was my first proper time on the radio, and it really allowed me to get a feel of the job. I got to put on the headphones, speak into the microphone, I really loved it and it made me even more determined to pursue a career as a radio presenter.
I stayed in Limerick over night as I had to be in the studio for 9am, on air around quarter past. I can handle my nerves quite well but I was pretty nervous, not as nervous as when I met Conor Murray mind you but from the minute the headphones went on I felt at home, like this is what I always do. I debated my view with journalism student Nollaig and it was very clear we had very different opinions but that's what made it all the more interesting.
You can listen to the debate here - >
Huge thanks to Alan English of the Limerick Leader, Anne Marie Geheraty and Joe Nash for having me on air.

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