Monday, 19 January 2015

It's Disney Time

I suppose you could say I'm not a real Disney princess because I don't sing all the songs, I've never seen Frozen and I've no intention of it either, but Lord be with the days where Cinderella was my queen, Goofy made me howl with laughter and I was never be able to watch the end of Bambi because I'd cry to much.
Yet 19 years on, I still love a sneaky House Of Mouse on a Saturday morning and remember every inspirational quote Disney taught me..
I love a good quote now and then, and I figured at the start of a brand new week why not start it off with some amazing quotes, so here are some of my all time favourite Disney quotes...
Although I love all those quotes, one thing that always got a grip on my heart was good aul Winnie The Pooh, and nineteen years on my love for Pooh bear is still as strong.
As a matter of fact, myself and Christopher Robbin share the same birthday of August 21st and on August 21st 1921 Christopher was given a teddy bear and so the tale goes on...
Here are my favourite quotes from Winnie The Pooh...

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