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Exclusive Interview With Top Fashion Stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick

Gorgeous fashion stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick is one of those ladies who every single female out there can aspire to be like, I absolutely adore Lisa and was so excited to chat to Lisa about everything she's been through and how she got where she is today. Not only is Lisa one of the country's top fashion stylist's she's also an author, a radio broadcaster AND a TV presenter, she is one busy lady!!! With a client list the side of China I was bursting with questions to ask Lisa!!
So you learned from my intro that Lisa is an exceptionally busy woman, I personally struggle with one thing going on don't mind doing that kind of multitasking so I asked Lisa if she has some sort of superpower... I'm sure we were all thinking it!! 
''You make me smile Lynda it's called Time management I make it work, it's all about getting through my lists crossing off as job done makes me feel good''
I could definitely do with some sort of time management in my life!!
On a typical day Lisa doesn't exactly live the glam life we all expect her to live ''I never ever wear make up when I'm off I love fresh clean skin it's a typical day Monday - Friday I work and collect kids everyday I'm a taxi driver 2-5''
 Well Thank God for that!!However I think if anyone saw how I rocked up to business grinds this morning they'd question why I didn't throw on even a bit of concealer!! 
From someone interested in fashion from a young age, once again if you saw how I presented myself this morning you wouldn't think so but for Lisa it wasn't always a love of fashion from a young age ''It happened for me when I started in retail ladies fashion at 19 loved it never wanted shop to close''
But what actually does the life of a stylist entail? what does it take to be one you may ask??? 
''A Broken back from carrying bags of clothes and stares from people who think I'm like the girl from legally blonde who shops sadly I give them all back,
If you want to be a stylist be one don't talk about it Do it !!!''
Yikes!!! but Lisa tells me she LOVES her job, and we can all do it!!
''Absolutely I love my job every second of it Love it. Yes I'm lucky to have it but I made it happen so can you and your readers Followers''
However like most jobs it has it's ups and downs, and the worst part, well...Yes, It would break my heart too!! 
''The Best part of my job is people coming up and saying 'Hi Lisa I know you from the Telly' I love that , but the worse... giving back all the fab clothes''
What did I tell you?...heartbreaking!!
Lisa didn't go to college, and is a prime example that you don't have to go to college to be a massive success and it won't stop you from living your dreams BUT, Lisa does admit she wishes she did get the chance to go:
''I would have loved the opportunity to go to college and will encourage my children and your readers to do the same, but along side studying I believe it's important to do as much work experience in every field possible and get a part-Time job it's good for you.
I did a health and fitness course for two years and I loved it, but realised it wasn't going to be my chosen career but it suits the right people who are incredible trainers like Dominic Munelly who helped me get from size 20 to size 12 I lost 5 stone under his supervision great guy''
With the leaving cert coming up and students stressing over their CAO forms, Lisa recommends not stressing out and keeping calm:
''Don't stress take your time all the work will pay off, Meditate!''

Lisa is author of two Irish best selling books her first book 'Enjoying Style and Fashion' and her hugely popular second book 'Diet SOS' but Lisa admits she never imagined the success that would follow: 
''I Never ever thought about becoming an Author until one day I decided to answer all the questions Ireland am Viewers and Derek Mooney listeners always ask me and Nk Management made the rest happen I feel so happy seeing my books on shelves''
Lisa has such a beautiful elegant style but her advice for being stylish is very simple, Lisa recommends sticking to what you know and feel your best in ''If you're comfortable in what your wearing it shows be yourself''
With the new year coming, Lisa recommends having a clear out before you shop and keeping yourself positive for the new year!! ''Have a positive attitude in all you do, De-Clutter wardrobe before you shop Don't buy trends wear what works for your body''

With an obvious entrepreneurial streak running through Lisa owning her own business before becoming a full time stylist, Lisa admits her dream would be.... to become BeyoncĂ©.... wouldn't we all!!! 
''I had my own clothes store my own Hair Dressers, I would like to be a singer but I don't have a singing voice I would love to be Beyonce who wouldn't''

Finally, before I leave Lisa back to her day I had to ask what's the best advice ever been given to Lisa that she can pass onto us today:
''I have two ears one mouth listen twice as much as I speak and I never do ever''
Advice I think I should really start paying attention too!!!! haha
Massive thanks to Lisa taking out her time to answer these questions!! Such a pleasure, thank you Lisa xx
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